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Certa Stampa - Target Program / Lent: Notice pane for organizing training sessions

Certa Stampa – Target Program / Lent: Notice pane for organizing training sessions

The GOL (Guarantee of Employment of Workers) program for the Abruzzo region is entering the second phase. The public notification of the creation of the catalog of the training offer associated with the implementation of the program will be published tomorrow, with the possibility of submissions from Thursday 27. The notification targets companies identified as creators of the approved catalog on October 7, and aims to approve a series of training courses aimed exclusively at the unemployed. in Abruzzo who have enrolled in the GOL programme. These are mostly training courses that should go along with the profiling that every unemployed person has received after the interview with the employment center operators.

“The ability to create a customized course for each unemployed person is the strong point of the GOL program – explains regional labor policy advisor Pietro Quaresimale – which distinguishes it from previous programs aimed at boosting employment processes. Creating the catalog – adds Quaresimale – represents an important step in a process that sees that The unemployed in the center are no longer only “surveyed” but are framed on the basis of his skills and professional skills, his own approach to work and improvement of professional skills.”

It is important to emphasize that the notice contains a section dedicated to the implementation of training activities aimed at developing digital skills, and states the obligation of the supplying organizations to submit one or more proposals on the topic already identified in the call itself. But it is in the timing of realization that a large part of the success of the GOAL program is played. “By December – Lent confirms – we must ensure participation in the courses listed in the catalog that we will account for at least 1,400 unemployed: a number as significant as the number of unemployed, 7200, who must take an interview by the end of the year . to the employment center to determine the characteristics.” Creators must submit a course proposal exclusively on the IT platform

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