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Meloni waves Di Mayo’s fax in the Senate ESM – News

Meloni waves Di Mayo’s fax in the Senate ESM – News

As Giorgia Meloni waves a fax instructing the ambassador in Brussels to sign changes to the ESM, Luigi Di Maio unleashes applause from her majority. That’s where the climate is heating up in the Senate, the scene of an open confrontation between the Prime Minister and the M5s and Pd, as it was in the chamber 24 hours ago. From Europe’s posture to the crisis in the Middle East, two days of intertwining accusations, especially on a topic that creates some trepidation in the center-right: because the head of the FdI is preparing to speak at the Palazzo Madama. His deputy prime minister, Matteo Salvini, endorsed the amendment to the European Stability Mechanism, saying “the League’s position on this matter has always been clear. It is absolutely not”. Northern League member Massimiliano Romeo did not go unnoticed when he told the League that “the saving of Italians comes first: a clear message to the oligarchs of Brussels”.

Bilateral overnight meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and French President Emmanuel Macron at a historic hotel in the center of Brussels. The meeting, which took place after the EU and Western Balkans summit, took place in a hotel bar room for about an hour. Also in the same room is German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, with whom the prime minister had a brief exchange before the meeting with Macron.

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The attack on the Democratic Party comes at the end of Meloney’s answers in the chamber, on the protocol with Albania contested by the Dems, where he criticized Socialist Edi Rama: “Put the interests of the party before the interests of the nation”. “The Meloni government has always chosen the wrong allies, enemies of Italy’s interests, which – Ellie Schlein’s answer – has aligned itself with countries that build walls to deny solidarity in sharing hospitality”. Again the sparks are top of the line with the M5s. The Prime Minister’s first thrust is on the economic results of the Conte governments: “After Covid, the dead cat in GDP recovered”. Then on Ukraine: “You say Russia wants peace, but that’s Putin’s propaganda,” notes Meloni, who, ahead of an EU council called to discuss Ukraine’s accession process, assured Volodymyr Zelensky of his “support in every area.” Again a heated response to the conflict between Hamas and Israel. “The Conte government sold the most weapons to Israel.” So we come to the new ESM that Italy signed on 27 January 2021 along with other Eurogroup countries. “The signing was made a day after the resignation of the Conte government, against the opinion of the parliament, without telling the Italians. A cover of darkness”, attacks Meloni.

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On January 20, 2021, then Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio sent a message of instruction to Ambassador Maurizio Massari, accusing him of leaving the M5s leader “a package for the next government”, while the session heated up and Senate President Ignazio La Russa had to recall some colleagues on several occasions. . The Prime Minister reiterates that he wants to follow the “mandate of Parliament”, which is to conclude the issue of the Stability Pact before dealing with the ESM document. Recognition remains on the agenda, but the opposition accuses the majority of “self-construction”, prolonging debate over a pre-emptive mandate to postpone the thorny referendum to 2024. Meanwhile, before leaving for a crucial three days in Brussels, Meloni (who is expected at the Adreju party on Saturday with Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk) takes the advice of senator-for-life Mario Monti on the idea of ​​vetoing the deal in the face of an unsatisfactory deal. He did not dismiss it by claiming a practical attitude. “In the past there was Italy that decided to wait for France and Germany to tag in a photo”, the Prime Minister assured, “and it is far from an attack on Draghi”. A photo of his predecessor with Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholes. Meloni is convinced that he has brought Italy back to the center of EU dynamics: “Many leaders tell me this, and one explained it in an interview to a newspaper that is not exactly my friend, and it didn’t publish it”. There was no shortage of sarcasm in Matteo Renzi’s speech. Mario Draghi saved the euro in half a sentence when you said “we want to leave the euro”, he didn’t stop at Ciampino when he took the train to Kiev. I hope you try to copy him instead of attacking him. It is only good for you.

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“Do you know who brought the ESM to Italy? The Berlusconi government in August 2011 and you Giorgia Meloni as a minister, remember, I was a lawyer. You were already doing damage there. Lies upon lies. Giorgia Meloni did it. Don’t let you, the reform of the ESM Read the relevant parliamentary documents. You are skirting the central question. Now you are telling me the responsibility for signing. What were you doing? Now to confirm the ESM or not: you have to decide that, now you decide everything, you have introduced a de facto premiership, you” “No mess, no mess” you were singing. Now you have to decide.” M5s leader Giuseppe Conte made this known in a video on Facebook in which he responded to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

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