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Medicine: Free registration for first semester, at the end of limited numbers.  White Coat Protest – News

Medicine: Free registration for first semester, at the end of limited numbers. White Coat Protest – News

You can freely enroll in the first semester of Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Prosthodontics and Veterinary Medicine. Without going through the tests. This is what the Access Reform to Medical Faculty provides. The fields to be passed for second semester admission will be identified in biomedical, healthcare, pharmaceutical and veterinary departments. In case of non enrollment, effective training credits will be approved for substitute teachers. The new rules should come into force in 2025.

The text provides that, within twelve months from the date of entry into force of the law, the government must adopt one or more legislative decrees to review access methods for dentistry and veterinary medicine. In using the delegation, the government should guarantee the harmonization of programs and course programs to the total university training credits (CFU) established at the national level; Admission to the second semester of postgraduate courses is subject to the achievement of all University Training Credits (CFU) established for the first semester examinations conducted according to uniform standards and effective placement in the National Merit Rankings. ; In case of failure to enroll in the second semester of the degree courses in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry, the university training credits obtained by the students in the first semester exams must be mentioned as the second choice of course for continuation of university training credits, dual admission is compulsory and free for the first semester only.

A select committee of the Senate Education Committee virtually unanimously adopted the basic text to “say no to a limited number of medical professionals.” Commission President Roberto Marti (Lega) announced the news.He expresses “great satisfaction at the adoption of the text” with “maximum coordination of all political forces”.

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“It is a serious work that has found the maximum integration of all political forces – adds Roberto Marti – the hateful limited number that we have known in the last 25 years will no longer exist. The pledge made by the League in the election campaign . A clear mandate which also represents an impulse in the decision to take the leadership role of the Commission. “Thus we have our We will give the children – continues the Senator – the opportunity to freely enroll in the faculties of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, and to start a path that allows them time and a way to navigate themselves in the university world. A great innovation for everyone, students will have the opportunity to validate their careers and demonstrate the skills acquired by studying the fundamental fields of these degree courses. “Finally – concludes the head of the Education Commission – no more Russian fool: we entrust the government with full representation to restore the system of common knowledge to the country”.

“Great satisfaction to end restricted numbers in medicine, League's historic battle finally progressing in Senate Education Committee. From words to actions!”, commented the Deputy Prime Minister. Matteo Salvini On that day Luca Zaya.

“We are clearly against this, it is not a rule of absolute common sense – the president of the National Federation of Surgeons and Dentists (Fnomceo), Filippo Anelli, told ANSA -: removing the restricted number in medicine means 10 years, the time it takes to train a doctor, we have There will be a large number of graduates who will not get jobs as doctors and we will only create unemployed people.

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The underlying text does not alter plans for teacher access tests scheduled for next May and July. The reform should come into effect from 2025-2026. At the moment, two exam sessions are scheduled – next May and July – in both of which candidates have the opportunity to participate. Tests take place in person in a paper format; Sixty questions were extracted from a special public database containing at least 7,000 questions.

The registration process for the exams and the next step to be included in the national ranking is exclusively online. Admission tests for postgraduate courses in Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics taught in Italy will be held on Tuesday 28 May 2024 and Tuesday 30 July 2024. 29 May 2024 and Wednesday 31 July 2024 for single-cycle postgraduate courses in Veterinary Medicine.

The questions will be extracted from a specific database and will contain the correct answer. A database with a total of at least 7,000 questions will be published on the website Half the release will take place at least twenty days before the scheduled exam dates in May 2024 (minimum 3,500 questions). The other half (at least 3,500 questions) will be conducted twenty days prior to the examination dates scheduled in July 2024. The admission tests, which will be allotted 100 minutes of time, will consist of 60 questions, presenting 5 answer options, of which the candidate must identify only one, on topics related to reading ability and acquired knowledge. Studies, logical reasoning and problems, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

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Specifically, for the single cycle Master's Degree in Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, 4 questions will be prepared on reading skills and knowledge gained during the course; 5 of logical reasoning and problems; 23 in Biology (19 for admission to single-cycle postgraduate courses in Veterinary Medicine); 15 in Chemistry (19 for admission to single-cycle postgraduate courses in Veterinary Medicine); 13 Physics and Mathematics. Candidates with minimum 20 marks in their respective examination are eligible for admission to degree courses. For the assessment of the tests, a maximum of 90 points will be awarded, taking into account the following criteria: 1.5 points for each correct answer; Deduction of 0.4 points for each wrong answer; 0 marks for each missing answer.

In order to be included in the ranking, the best results achieved following participation in the admission tests scheduled for each session can be used. Places for admission to undergraduate and single-cycle postgraduate courses will be allocated among universities with subsequent decrees.

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