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Activision Blizzard hires the WilmerHale law firm that helped Amazon stop unions -

Activision Blizzard hires the WilmerHale law firm that helped Amazon stop unions –

The chaos that broke out inside Activision Blizzard Rich in new details. After inappropriate behavior emerged within the company and Activision’s “off-key” response, CEO Bobby Kotick promised that the company would rely on professionals to review its internal policies. The team is led by Stephanie Avakian, a partner in a famous law firm Wilmerhill. It is a very popular form in the United States, it has helped presidents and the military, but also Amazon when it found itself having to solve internal issues that would lead to the formation of trade unions Within the company.

to me Kotaku It will be a double reading movement. Because on the one hand, WilmerHale is undoubtedly one of the most popular law firms prestigious From the USA, with a century-old history behind it and dozens of VIP clients represented, but on the other hand, it also appears to be a move aimed at preventing employees from merging to form an internal union, an organization not always well seen in the US states . And for that, Activision hired a powerful, high-impact law firm with a wealth of experience in the field, helping Amazon solve similar problems in Arizona.

to me NRP The company will organize meetings with employees in which the disadvantages of the union will be revealed, leading them to vote against the formation of this institution.

Stephanie Avakian

Now that thousands of Activision Blizzard employees have signed a mass protest letter and even hit, the risk of their regulation could become appreciable. Something, according to some, could be avoided with the arrival of former SEC Stephanie Avakian and her corporate partners.

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