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Matches: Savings that exceed the bonus

Matches: Savings that exceed the bonus

With government bonuses, changing out fixtures can be really cheap. What not everyone knows is that if the work of replacing fittings is a business paid for by another driving work a super bonus of 110% is provided, here the 110% saving is also applied to the replacement of fittings.

This is a huge saving that should definitely be kept in mind. But in addition to the savings provided by the government, changing fixtures means preparing for long-term savings. The insulation of the apartment, which is guaranteed by modern equipment, allows for great savings. Savings in winter for heating costs and in summer for air conditioning costs. With the recent rise in the cost of methane already leading to a sharp rise in the cost of electricity and gas from September, this kind of savings should make us thirstier than in the past.

Comprehensive benefits

It is also important to choose the quality of the window. Triple glazing guarantees really excellent insulation and is much higher than double glazing. The impact on your bill can be quite significant. This is because heat dissipation through poor windows occurs through many weaknesses that are often invisible on them. Moreover, the only glass that transmits heat, blazing against the air conditioning or heating system.

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The greater impact of colds and flu should also be considered when drafts begin Drafts that systematically weaken our immune system.

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But there is another aspect to consider and that is sound insulation. If you live in a very noisy environment, Modern installations can be of great benefit to our health because the long-term damage caused by noise pollution is significant. More and more studies confirm this.