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Big Brother Vip, New Home Revealed: It Will Be Like Love Boat

Big Brother Vip, New Home Revealed: It Will Be Like Love Boat

The Big Brother VIP It’s about to open its doors and it looks like there’s not a few innovations waiting for new guests, starting with a house who will host them during the long months of the reality show.

Big Brother Phip: This is how the new house will be

change to Big Brother VIP, where is the a house It will revolutionize compared to previous versions. This year, in fact, as said in an interview with “Who” project leader Andrea Palazzo, the house of competitors “Love Ship”, the famous love boat of the TV series, will be remembered: “We played to sort of fantasize about the Love Boat – he explained – imitating the love ship of the TV series “The famous one who arrived in Italy in the eighties. Two details relate to a part of the house that will not be discovered by the dignitaries until the time is right. The third relates to the new geography of the house’s garden.”

Meanwhile, for Big Brother VIP The overall contenders are continuing, and at the moment, after the sudden rejection of Raz Degan, the only official contender is the opera singer and ex-wife of Pepo Bodo Katia Ricciarelli. The reality show will once again be led by Alfonso Signorini, with the help of commentators Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpi.

Last update: Friday, August 20, 2021, 9:09 pm

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