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First the Chinese, behind the United States

First the Chinese, behind the United States

A few days after the end of the Tokyo Olympics, a modified version of the medal table began to circulate in the Chinese media, which spread to the mainstream Chinese social network Weibo and was relaunched by Chinese central television or the main broadcaster. Condition. In this medal table, the official decision was reversed and China won the Olympics more than the United States.

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics They lived on the last day of the race Leading the medal table by the United States over China. That Sunday, August 8, the Chinese were confident enough to close the lead, 38 gold on 36 gold in the United States, to the extent criticized by the media. ‘American’ organization – Used by sources such as the Washington Post and the New York Times – This puts the U.S. team at the top of the medal table in terms of total medals rather than the number of gold medals.

CCTV – the main Chinese state broadcaster – was dissatisfied with anyone questioning the traditional medal table, so he criticized the American media that day.The United States ranks first in terms of U.S. standards“However, the day of not being able to win gold in China remained at the age of 38, while the Stars and Stripes athletes won women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and track and field medals for best metal. Cycling. The final score of the medal table, USA won from 39 gold to 38, the same result from 113 to 88, taking into account the total number of medals, Did not leave it to China No national capture Whichever method is considered, the primary should be obtained.

But the Chinese media did not give up – within a few days – A modified version of the medal collection began to spread, Spread on வெய்போ, The mainstream Chinese social network, and re-launched by China Central Television. In this revised and revised version, China, which won the Olympics, overtook the United States. To increase the loot of your team, take into account the medals won by the new number of athletes Taiwan e Hong Kong, Who came to Tokyo with their own delegation. By adding these medals – Explain to Fox and other American media China led with a total of 106 medals, including 42 gold, 37 silver and 27 bronze. It is still lagging behind overall, but according to the CIO counting system, it is traditionally used.

Furthermore, according to the rules of the International Olympic Committee, Hong Kong and Taiwan (also known as Chinese Taipei for political reasons) compete independently as National Olympic Committees (NOCs). In short, the ‘new medal table’ appears to be completely arbitrary and the only tool in destroying the final results of the Olympics.