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Mastella “uber alles”

Mastella “About Everything” Lab TV

“With all sides against it is undoubtedly an exciting outcome.” Thus Clemente Mastella comments on the 60% approval rating attributed to him by Sole 24 Ore in the Special Ranking of Mayors, an extraordinary result that he himself weighs as a “grain bean”. This time the mayor does not go directly to reporters’ questions but pauses, he argues, in short, letting himself be tempted by a sense of well-being he may not have felt in weeks. The people show that they value me, he says with his mouth ajar, and the parties who are objectively all opposed to him except his party, which is not a real party, seem to be floundering. And yes, because it suffices to see what is happening in the center-right to realize it or empty the 5-star movement, separated on the floor and suspended from the Grillo-Conte challenges to understand what will happen to itself; The PD who is the most organized of all but preferred to drop out in the race to run and ended up recruiting Perifano, with the obligatory blessing of De Caro, who no longer had a party card for 5 years, because he didn’t have the personality to propose in the first person. You look neither a praise of the Mastella nor an anthem, from these stands it would be a ridiculous frontier, but if the confederate numbers really matched the reality, well, there would be no cat tripe: six out of ten Benevento would choose it again and it says a lot about how much it is worth running a city to be Re-elected with popular acclaim. Mastella, in certain circumstances, “doesn’t get over” and explains that to turn the building into a permanent electoral commission, quit and then think again without explaining anything to anyone, give “ad capocchiam” numbers on instability and choose to avoid confrontation and as answering simple questions It pays off in the end and even makes you more credible. It will also be weakened by some diseases but retain a cannibal effect, no doubt. He also knows how to cash out. Not a word about social housing and the poor sent Yadiko to the massacre to defend the fort. Sure enough, the blow has been as hard as in Suburban Bidding, the two primary businesses risking a flop as Lumode appears to have delivered, but no one knows much about it except for Perlingieri, the new financial venture. Regardless of the polls, the biggest risk to these two things is Mastila. But today he was in awe. De Luca came to renew his support, but with caution, even saying that knowing nothing of the executive decree reallocating €12m of housing, he had left Iacovel just for a jovial exercise of the local press with his usual style. Vitality, this time faithfully contained. And with De Luca all those he stole from PD Decarian: De Pierro, back storyteller, Del Vecchio, Lepore and all the other “Deluchiani” of ancient and new history who will be in Naples on Wednesday to be available for the cause which means the belly on the floor and the list to be formed. This time it gets serious and no anxiety is allowed at all: the menu is for Mastella in the name of the method, the only thing De Luca is aware of, other than iacovelle. A powerful roster capable of cooling dimples for those who think they’re making their own domo, stories of internal confrontations that irritate Ceppalonico more than their opponents. He loves polling and just happens to come with President Bonomi. It will be a mixture but it gathers and prepares for the long, silent hot summer.

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