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Apulia, “VIVA!” Festival: performances, parties and events in the Itria Valley


Theme of the fifth edition of Long live the! Festival 2021 he is “interval‘, an idea that combines VIVA’s avant-garde stance! with the fundamental need to re-engineer experiences and perceptions of the current international cultural moment.

Long live the! The festival celebrates the sanctity of the pose, a glorification of meridian thought carried out with care and passion.

From 5 to 8 August (and from 1 to 8 August, considering additional VIVA dates!) Valle d’Itria becomes a creative co-living place to experience shows, talks and special events once with its amazing community.
Leading the community in the events of 2021 will once again be the languages ​​of the contemporary rejected by voices and visions, a coherent intersection of analog and digital meant for live broadcasting around the world and in existence.
So the landscapes and architectural wonders of the Itria Valley are the protagonists of this unique artistic mix, including the roofs of the historical center of Lokorotondo (Le Commerce), the elegant rurality of Masseria Aprile and the magnificent Cala Masciola immersed in the light of dawn. .

Four days of concerts, DJ sets, performances and talks about contemporary music and its multidisciplinary aspects. The festival program will soon be complemented by a new announcement of the grand opening presented by Audi and new surprises.

We are very happy that FIFA has chosen Bari as the venue to present itself – Explains the mayor of the capital Antonio DecaroBecause for us this means that even municipalities farthest from the center feel part of a community that is becoming increasingly polycentric and attractive. Today we present VIVA Festival, a contemporary music showcase with the cooperation of international partners like Club to club and Audi who, once again, choose to invest in a young festival like this, but it has already shown that it has what it takes. to grow. The festival, which will start in the first days of August in Locorotondo, fits perfectly into the calendar of events and initiatives proposed in the Bari metropolitan area, adding to its attractiveness and qualification.
These results are certainly the result of the work done by municipalities and institutions in recent years, but if our land today is vibrant and versatile, it is also and above all thanks to the courage of cultural entrepreneurs who, despite these difficult years in which they lived all seemed to be lost Really, they never gave up, and today they are here with determination still betting on culture, good music, and promotion of the region because the desire to continue to believe that we can do it together is stronger.”

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Long live the! The festival was born out of a collaboration between Apulian Turné and the Association Xplosiva, which organizes the C2C Festival in Turin, a relationship marked by the creative pollution through which the collaboration with AudiOfficial partner since the first release.

the program

Thursday 5 August – Commerce, Lokorotondo
Streaming all over the world

The grand opening presented by Audi أو
nydia – boiler room
And more to be announced soon

Friday August 6 – Masseria April, Lokorotondo
Ticket 11.5 EUR


Saturday 7 August – Masseria April, Lokorotondo
Ticket 11.5 EUR

John Talbot
Bombino Offer only with ADRIANO VITERBINI

Sunday August 8 – Cala Massiola, Savellitre di Fasano
Free entry for reservations until capacity is used

Extraordinary breakfast from Lavazza
Beatrice Delon
& More

Very live! 2021
Extra Viva! It is part of VIVA! A festival that deals with the concept and rejection of innovation on topics different from those closely related to the world of music. Extra is a format of meetings, speeches and discussions that aims to create links between different topics that look to the future as an opportunity to build a more sustainable and participatory world. Extra is the story of things that change. Extra Viva! 2021 sponsored by Christian Rocca.

Sunday August 1 H19 – DOCKS101 VIA NARDELLI 101, LOCOROTONDO
OXYGEN, to return to breathing

I have the impression that in the pre-pandemic world there was the promise of a minimized future, and this landslide will shuffle the cards by opening new fissures and great hopes for younger generations. We don’t know what will happen, but it will be interesting to watch.
Paolo Giordano has been, since March of last year, with a series of public interventions, the most vivid analyst of what was happening to us, affirming in simple and precise words how we can no longer consider ourselves as isolated entities but as part of a global system that forces us to consider the presence of others in our individual choices.
Paolo Giordano Writer, recipient of the Strega Prize in 2008, and columnist for Corriere della Sera. His essay “Nel contagio” contains a series of reflections on our time and future
In an interview with Paolo Giordano: Simonetta Sciandivasci, journalist; Christian Rocca, director Linkiesta

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Monday August 2 H19 – DOCKS101 via NARDELLI 101, LOCOROTONDO
new new press

New formats, business models, newsletters, podcasts, social platforms, and increasingly individual methods of use are changing how information and entertainment (ours) are changing.
Giuseppe de Bellis, journalist and director of Sky TG24 and managing director of Undici.
In an interview with Giuseppe de Bellis: Simonetta Sciandivasci, journalist; Christian Rocca, director Linkiesta

Tuesday August 3 H19 – DOCKS101 via NARDELLI 101, LOCOROTONDO
Tale of the world, out here

Marielissa Palumbo, journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of the foreign editorial board of Corriere della Sera, deals specifically with the United States;
Paola Peduzi, journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of the daily Il Foglio, writing about international politics and culture, particularly American, English and European;
Cecilia Sala, journalist (Il Foglio, Vanity Fair, Will), co-author with Chiara Lalli of the “Polvere” podcast.


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