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Massive resignation from the US to Italy: Mass escape from the workplace

Massive resignation from the US to Italy: Mass escape from the workplace

Big resignation, Voluntary resignations in the United States after Govt-19

Take life in hand Without being forced. Leave everything without Must A Plan B is secure. In the United States they call it Big resignation, In Italy The most classic release From Location Work. ThisWave of voluntary resignation It erupted overseas after the epidemic, which grew in the following months and actually erupted in the summer of 2021. August More than four million People, or almost 3% of employees Of In the states, Quit his job. If that too joins July The figure is beyond 8.3 million.

Surprising figures across states and departments: From Catering From family businesses to consulting Large multinational corporations, And more and more Americans have decided to revolutionize their way of life and way of thinking Second house, Or office, following different priorities, among them Health, Mental health e Flexibility.

According to Department of Labor data, The The discharge rate increased to 2.9% The total number of employees was 2.7%, an increase of 242 thousand units compared to the previous month, and at the highest level since the timeframe, i.e. since December 2000. In particular, by the step of the reconstructed Everyday event, There were 892 thousand pauses in the service sector Shelter and catering, An increase of 157 thousand units compared to July, 721 thousand resignations Retail And total sales increased by 155 thousand, 39 thousand and 26 thousand units, respectively, and 579 thousand people left their jobs. Health and educationMore than 700,000 have been abandoned Professional services And Business And 300 thousand in production.

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The Big resignation, Large mass resignations, in fact, represent an event that affects everyone: from insiders to the highest rankings of investment banks such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, For large catering chains and retailers McDonald’s, Chipotle e Costco. In particular, step Washington Post Who gave the reason for the label Big resignation To Texas A&M University Lecturer, Anthony ClottsIn some departments, employers call customers by signs to treat their employees well, in order to avoid further farewells from employees.

Employer and Workers: The Purpose of the event No more marginalization, It now touches both sides. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ “Future of Work” survey, which interviewed more than 1,000 full-time and part-time employees in the U.S. and 752 corporate executives. FQ, A proof of this: if on the one hand it is beyond Six out of ten workers are looking for a new job, Almost twice the 36% recorded in May by the same survey, 88% of company executives confirm Presumably The trend towards the registered labor movement, States that there is a higher turnover in the company than the norm.

But what motivates a person to leave the workplace Without a definite plan to land in B? The Reasons I Various, Ranging from simple to very complex, it is reflected in a general malaise, which matures during an emergency and then erupts. Let’s go step by step. In short, there are those who have stopped being satisfied From Wages are very low, Consider small corporate And the inhumane group works to seize the opportunity to escape.

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On the other hand, there are those who are starting to do it inward Reflect on the concept of work: Enough for full days in the office, impossible hours, double shifts and unpaid extra time. Life is too much. Most often the main problem is actually Burn: Mental, physical and emotional exhaustion in areas of close contact with the general public, such as health, catering and hospitality. Finally, there are those who understand the significance of the concept after Govt 19 Work flexibility, Smartworking and independent time management: All the key elements behind the great escape.

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