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Mars flight with 3D glasses

Mars flight with 3D glasses

During the Five flight tests Made by cleverness, Perseverance cameras have taken tons of photos and recorded great videos. NASA has now released 3D Primo Video From The third trip Executed on April 25. And the US space agency also published instructions To build anaglyph display glasses.

A brilliant 3D video

Take off, fly and return to the helicopter base during The third trip (Creativity traveled 100 meters in about 80 seconds) It was recorded by Mastecam-Z Rover. This dual camera, mounted on a persistent “head”, allows operators to see the Martian surface and the movements of the robotic arm.

NASA engineers made one 3D version of the video, Adding depth information captured by Mastcam-Z. Then a hologram (or inscription) was obtained, visible with special glasses. Users can build the glasses by following instructions.

Simply download the template, print it on the cardboard, cut out the mugs and stick two colored pieces of cellophane (red on the left and cyan on the right). You can then watch the Creativity Videos and others Three-dimensional images Found in the NASA archives.

After completing the projection stage, the helicopter will go into operation Air support to persevereOr, survey to identify any obstacles along the rover’s path.

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