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Mariasole Pollio: Everyone wants to kiss her like this

Very young, she made her debut in 2016 and today she is appreciated as an actress and presenter. Here she is beautiful in the sun

Mariasol Beaulieu | Instagram

Young, very young. Already a TV and social media star, she always looks great, as in one of the most recent posts posted via her official Instagram account. We’re talking about Mariasole Pollio. Barely 19 years old, but with a rather long and important approach.

Mariasol Beaulieu’s career

He made his debut in 2016, when he starred in the short film “Julia” by Salvatore de Chiara. Since 2017, he has been leading the musical program Battiti Live, along with Alan Palmieri and Elisabetta Gregoraci. But 2018 is the year of real success, because the right invitations reach the world of fantasy and cinema.

actually get An audition to join the cast of the Don Matteo series as Sofia Galliardi. In the same year she was chosen by Leonardo Perraccione to star in his film “Se son rose” with the role of Yolanda, and was awarded the Charlot Revelation Fiction for 2018.

Mariasole is a very eclectic artist, and in fact, she manages to divide herself quite well between acting and directing, despite her young age. In 2020, he leads the MAS live event program From Milan With Love – Next Gen, along with DJ Khaled and Max Brigante. The following year, she played Martina in the short film “Queen of Hearts” by Thomas Torolo and published her first book by Mondadori, “Ulter”.

We get to the contemporary. In 2022, he led with Elenoire Casalegno and Nicolò De Devitiis Battiti Live: MSC Cruises – Music Cruise, a show from Battiti Live. But in recent months he is running the Coca-Cola Summer Festival event, broadcast on Radio 105, with Rebecca Staveley (daughter of Valerio, reporter for “Striscia la Notizie”).

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Mariasol Beaulieu, beautiful in the sun

Well, for a young woman of only 19 years old (she made it in July), her career is already long and fulfilling. Therefore, our Mariasole is on the rise. This is also attested by the interest and passion that is followed on social networks.

Then she puts on her own beauty. In fact, in one of the most recent posts on Instagram, the young actress and presenter is really irresistible. And in fact, followers rewarded her with almost 80 thousand likes. All it deserves!

Mariasole Pollio in the sun (Instagram) 15.8.2022 picenosera
Mariasole Pollio in the sun (Instagram)

Mariasole, in fact, She puts on a colorful bikini and kisses herself. But we are sure that many of his followers of all ages would like to be in the place of the sun …