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Marcello is trapped, he must confess everything

New afternoon appointment with Il Paradiso delle Signore TV series: Thursday’s detailed previews

Marcello Barbieri character (RaiPlay screenshot)

Ladies’ paradise Broadcast continues daily: new date is set from 16.05 onwards Rai 1 Also this afternoon. A new episode is expected to be especially charged because you will be watching it Marcelo Barbieri a hero.

The young waiter, after a stint in Switzerland, made his return to Milan completely changed. Not only did he earn a diploma, but he also started some brilliant friendships. However, his goal remains the same and thus the goal of restoring beauty Ludovica Brancia from Montalto.

However, Marcello returned to the capital of Milan with some secrets that he would not be able to hide for long. Barberry will soon be surrounded Armando Ferraris And the Salvatore Amato.

Ladies’ paradise, September 29 predictions: Marcelo’s truth

Characters Salvatore Amato and Marcello Barbieri (RaiPlay screenshot)

This new date will prove to be a turning point in the character Marcelo Barbieri. friend and colleague Salvatore Amato You will decide to deal with it Armando Ferraris After discovering the truthEngineer Basile. Not only will Marcello assure the two that Mr. Basile is just a cover, but he will also reveal the true identity of his actors or the Countess. Adelaide from Saint Erasmo.

Unaware of the reveal of her new partner, the Countess will confirm her decision to sell her shares in the Milan department store. News that will provoke a reaction Vittorio Conti Already especially happy with the success of the new batch that has made it to heaven and been vetted by the well-known businessman of Ezio Colombo And the Armando Ferraris.

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In the wave of this enthusiasm, Vittorio will decide to turn to him Umberto Guarnieri To be able to get the full stock package for Milano Department Store. A series of novelties for the famous store which are thus heading towards a turning point.

And at the same time too Irene and Gemma’s Venus Some major twists are on the way. The foreman will discover a fraud orchestrated by Alfredo BricoHe returned to Milan for a very short time. there Zenata Instead, after taking over the task of driving Clara In her new job, she will find that she can once again have a chance to restore her relationship with her half-sister Stefania Colombo.