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"Acorsi gives 300,000 euros."  It's a storm for Bonaccini

“Acorsi gives 300,000 euros.” It’s a storm for Bonaccini

one hundred thousand euros Plus value-added tax annually for three years. Sorbol! Emilia Romagna turns Stefano Accorsi In a golden certificate and around the board of directors of President Stefano Bonaccini controversy. The decision to assign the aforementioned character to the Polish representative, who was appointed as an ambassador for the artistic and cultural beauty of the territory, raised objections and criticism from Italy brothers. Giorgia Meloni’s party, with a question in the Legislative Assembly signed by Chancellor Michele Barcaiolo, has asked for transparency regarding the pay agreed with the popular translator, accusing the assembly of keeping it hidden until today.

The interrogation was worn by the regional advisor for tourism. Andrea Corsini, who can only confirm me 100mila euro per year of Stefano Accorsi’s wages, specifying that the actor will not only be the protagonist of the promotion”But also co-author on the digital project with Fabio Bonifaci“. The tuft Establish, in short, will include a series of activities that will include the Super Certificate over the three-year period. In this regard, the regional advisor promised the FdI advisor to sendDetailed list of things accomplished, as well as the 2020 press review of Accorsi’s activitiesAs for wages – continued Corsini –In 2020, Apt paid one hundred thousand euros plus VATIn addition, advocate Giunta Bonaccini confirmed that links to all social content posted by the actor from April 2020 to April 2021 will be sent to the centre-right colleague.

In one of the latest promotional spot Which sees the actor as the protagonist, uses the 30 seconds available to celebrate the beauty of Emilia Romagna. “Emilia-Romagna is the land of forbidden pleasures. You say you come here because the food is good, then you go undercover and enjoy the art cities. With the excuse of crazy nights, you can enjoy 202 theaters, 530 museums, more than 100 kilometers of arcades, and thousands of shows on summer evenings. But we have a reputation to defend: so please don’t say you came here for art and culture: true pleasures are a secret. Emilia-Romagna, Italy“Accorsi is calling to walk in Bologna. A golden promotion in every sense of the word.

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In the crosshairs of the controversies raised by the Brothers of Italy, the close cooperation of the region with other public figures that arose in the territory also ended. “Before today, compensation had never been announced, something that was also repeated with Pausini, Delogu, Tomba and Cevoli. These are all legitimate choices, but the ultimate publicity should be done on public pay. Instead, there is always a disturbing twilight about these collaborations. We can agree or disagree on the numbers, but transparency is essentialBarcaiuolo thundered, addressing the Bonaccini junta.