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Magini and Rattagan on display

Magini and Rattagan on display

Battistone / Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri and KEP Italia / Safe Riding are the finalists for the Italia Polo Challenge quadrangle, which is being held at Villa Borghese Gallopatio as part of the 88th CSIO in Rome. When is tonight 9 pm: It will precede the third-place final between US Polo Assn and Dinero Butesco.

In the third qualifying match that was held on Friday evening (in the picture), Batistone / Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri narrowly beat US Polo Assn (7-6) after a thrilling and uncertain challenge until the last bars. Batistoni / Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri promptly led, but US Polo Assn returned goal after goal, always coming back in a draw. The umpteenth notation made by poker author Giordano Magini, was decisive (the others came from Argentine Lucas Palmero, two, and Stefano Giancante, one). For US Polo Assn, the five points scored by the Argentine Bautista Biggeri were not enough (the other goal was signed by Francesco Scarradacione).

The other qualifying match was almost one-way, with KEP Italia / Safe Riding defeating DeNiroBootsCo 9-5. Goffredo Cutinelli Rendina, who was surrounded in turns by teenagers Pedro Surya, Henry and Lavinia Elsere, gave an excellent performance again, scoring four of five goals for DeNiroBootsCo (the other one came from around 16 from Syria, that’s with Henry Elser also busy over the weekend.) In the youth tournament!), But that’s not enough to stop the wild trio from KEP Italia / Safe Riding. The winning team featured again Argentine Patricio Ratajan, a Romanian adoptive and “driving force” from the Italia Polo Challenge, which is sponsored and cooperated by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (FISE) and the International Polo Association (FIP). Ratajan scored five goals, two goals for each of his teammates Terence Cosmano and Sweden’s Karl Henrik Lunde.

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So let’s meet the finals tonight. Program: 8 pm, third place, USA Polo Asen-Dinero Buttsco, 9 pm, 1st place Battistone / Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri – Cape Italy / Safe ride. Live broadcasts on, and