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Identify a self-righteous smile among those 6

Identify a self-righteous smile among those 6

Today we offer you an interesting psychological test. You have to look at these smiles and recognize hypocrisy. are you ready?

Today’s test concerns the psychological aspect that is fairly frequent in our life: a smile. Vladimir JikaA Roman priest used to say that a smile opens the door to the soul. It is one of the additional elements capturing To a person and it often makes a very detailed first impression. But appearances can often be deceiving.

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Sometimes it happens that the smile is not as sincere as it may seem! It often happens that someone wants to win us with a smile, and then stabs us at the first opportunity. This is exactly what we want to help you understand today. When is a smile sincere and when is hypocrisy on the contrary?

You just have to look at these smiles for a few seconds and Decide which is hypocrisy in your opinion. This test clearly has no scientific validity. The only goal is to entertain our readers, and get them distracted from their daily routine for a few minutes. are you ready? Now that you have looked at the smiles carefully, scroll through the text for the solution to test.

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Test solution

According to some studiesUniversity of San Francisco There are 19 different types of smiles. It is divided into two categories: Polite smiles For company members e Sincere smiles. In the first case, there are not many facial muscles involved, so it is difficult to understand whether this smile is sincere or hypocritical.

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You have already found out what an Righteous smile Among those we suggested to you? Well, now you can see if you guessed correctly. The psychological profile is also related to each choice.

The first smile

You are too sensitive tomood around you. Sometimes compassion nibbles at you from the inside because you also absorb other people’s negatives. Sometimes you try it Suppress your empathic abilities, Resulting in anxiety and Dejected – Depressed. But when you can stay calm, you can convey positivity around you. You are a very good friend, both in the good times and in the less good times.

Test solution: the second smile

you are one of a kind. I found the right Balance Between the depth of your soul and the power of your mind. You have experienced new sensations and you know what it means to feel personal well-being. It is your primary asset in life. You have great self-control And you always know how to manage your emotions well.

Third smile

I was proud. You never lose your temper Or control, whatever happens you can manage your emotions. You know how to be a good mental support for others, and make them feel good in a natural way. You too are many CharismaticWhen you give someone advice, the latter always tends to follow it very confidently.

Sure, this self-validating smile. Behind this smile is an attempt to get others to believe in something that does not exist. The woman looks up and runs away from the interlocutor’s eyes. This person wants to convey a false and ambiguous message.

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Test solution: the fourth smile

You are a very mature person. Easily manage difficulties And you do everything to not let others understand that you are having a bad time, especially the people you really care about. Always try to figure out which solution is right for you before taking any action. You did not hesitate in front of difficulty from life.

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Fifth smile

Now it has reached a certain limit Balance In your life. You are not lost Hopes Not even when you have to face really complicated situations. I have always been convinced that sooner or later everything will be fine. And it was so. Those around you appreciate you wisdom He often follows your advice.

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Test solution: the sixth smile

You are a very mature person and independent. Friends and family are important in life, which is why you are ready to help them. You have always been very good at Understand The essence of other human beings, so you can understand those around you and often give the right advice. You have a good spirit and you are a person Classy.

The test is over. Have you noticed the self-righteous smile? If you succeed, we congratulate you, it definitely wasn’t easy. If you like this quiz, know that in the coming days there will be others that will be interesting and interesting. see you soon!

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