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Love Mirko Brunetti – Big Brother 2023

Love Mirko Brunetti – Big Brother 2023

Mirko has attracted the attention of the girls at home, but his heart is only set on Greta, the woman he is dating

entrance Mirko I woke up the women of the house first of all Valentina Who immediately set out to get to know him better! But also Anita Show some enjoyment in having an interesting new tenant.

However, in Mirko’s head there is only one woman: Greta, the girl he left his ex-girlfriend for.

In one clip, the boy explains that he does not feel alone. But because of a message sent to his ex-partner, the new acquaintance drifted away. He wasn’t expecting this reaction, and he had no idea she was so jealous.

Sure, the young man is still in love, but he has no idea how the story will continue. He and Greta have said important words to each other, but he doesn’t know if this distance will put their relationship to the test.

Alfonso asks the boy why Greta lost her faith. Mirko replies that the reasons are only the letter addressed to the ex-lover and not participating in a fashion show.

“Does he have someone else in his head?– Alfonso asks. The boy doesn’t really hope so.

The host then asks if Perla, his ex-wife, is thinking about that, in his opinion. In this case too, Mirko’s answer was negative. The Pearl chapter is a closed chapter, and now her feelings are all towards Greta.

Then she moves on to Valentina: Do you think Greta has another boyfriend? The pheasant answers no, but it is always ready to pluck new prey.

So Perla, Greta or Valentina? Mirko is spoiled for choice!

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