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LOL: Who Laughs Is Out - Official Season 2

LOL: Who Laughs Is Out – Official Season 2

Emmanuel Cissoti

There have been various rumors in the last few days that they wanted it after his huge success Lol – who’s laughing outside (Who is the Our review) The second season was coming soon. Perhaps that is what prompted Amazon, which distributes the offer to Prime Video, To announce the second season a few weeks after the launch of the first series.

At the moment, Amazon isn’t talking about when the show will air, but the usual rumors are that it will launch in the fall, with filming in May or June. In anticipation of Amazon Would put it on YouTube (Not in Prime Video) a special episode called LOL – Post view Who sees the participants in the first edition as heroes, namely: Elio, Katerina Guzante, Lilo, Angelo Pintos, Frank Matano, Katia Folisa, Cero and Fur from The Jackal, Michela Giro and Luca Ravenna, with Mara Mayonchi and Fidez.

For those who have never tried Prime Video You can do it at this link, And take advantage of a free 30-day trial, and maybe even to roll back Season 1, which airs April 1.

As for the participants in the second season, there are no confirmations, but the usual rumors have spoken about: Claudio Pisio, Paula Cortelese, Max Besso, Stefano Chiodaroli, Deborah Villa, Dado, Fabrizio and Claudio Colica from “Le Coleci”, Virginia Raphael, Lucia Ocon, Alessandro Bergonzoni Corrado Guzante, Luciana Letizito, Alli and Franz. It is difficult to determine the reliability of this information.