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Let’s recharge the thieves

Let’s recharge the thieves

Beware if they ask you these strange requests to understand if you’ve ever received money: it’s a scam and you’re going to top up their accounts

Bancomat (Image source: web)

Another fraud attempt reported to the authorities. This time it is not something that is done through phishing, either online or using text messages Like the last one it has already caused many casualtiesIt is a fraud against Who sell online.

In fact, thanks to the latest system that the police also noticed thanks to numerous reports, fraudsters are deceiving the sellers. In fact, after selling a certain thing online, the miserable person will find himself inspecting the collection at Bancomart, unaware of what it really is. He just passes his money to a serial killer.

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How does the complex fraud process work?

You might be wondering how, by check, money can be passed to another card. So witty, it’s easy to say: we go to ATMs convinced of payment checks, and Order number What we enter for the check is actually the IBAN or phishing card number. Then, the fictitious buyer will say they made the payment, so the seller goes to verify. At this point, the scammer recommends identifying the element: “Click up”And it tells us that the number we know is the number related to the order.

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However, this is not the case, the amount we enter does not tell us what money we will get, but rather what we offer them. Practically, card security has nothing to do with it, we are the ones who cheat ourselves at that moment. Speaking of card security, When you take a look here, you’ll understand why a PayPal account is important. Now back to the scam, let’s understand more.

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First of all, how can we not notice that we are writing an IBAN or how can we be convinced of this by clicking on “Click up” Are we doing the right thing? And there the criminal skill comes into play, often these guys They are very good at persuasion Interlocutor to do the right thing. When they make this kind of weird request, not only should you not accept them, but as always, the advice is to report.