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Because of severe dehydration [FOTO]

Because of severe dehydration [FOTO]

Foragine Big enough to swallow a bus spread across the plains Turkey, Affected by droughtWhich worries farmers and residents, as they approach their homes (see photo in the sliding hallway above). These very deep gaps appear as underground caves created by drought are no longer able to bear the weight of the surface layer of soil. The situation puts farmers in a bind, as they depend on groundwater for irrigation and this is likely to make the problem worse. Attempts to obtain water in other ways are also more expensive, which reduces their income.

Professor Fathallah counted Aric approximately 600 holes On the Konya Plain, where he runs the Sinkhole Research Center at Konya Technical University: this number nearly doubles 350 gaps in the last year.

Turkey is currently suffering from two types of drought. The first is the weather Because of the dry conditions the second is Hydrological, Which means that water levels in streams and reservoirs and groundwater are low. The impact of drought is mainly seen in southwestern Turkey. The shore of Lake Salda has retreated up to 30 meters over the past 10 years. Lake Beysehir has seen its water reserves drop to 123 million tons from 450 million in 2020.

Experts are calling on the government to do more to address the severe drought, and blame the fissures in Turkey on the lack of a proper water management policy.

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