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LoJack, Vehicle thefts are increasing in Italy.  Panda and the 500 most stolen cars

LoJack, Vehicle thefts are increasing in Italy. Panda and the 500 most stolen cars

In 2023, vehicle thefts in Italy increased by 7%. Compared to the previous year. This is what comes out of A New LoJack Report Which was directed to collecting and processing data provided by the Ministry of Interior. Going into more detail, last year there were 131,679 vehicle thefts in our country. The increase appears to concern almost all categories, especially cars (+11%), which returned nearly 100,000 thefts. However, cars recorded only a slight increase (+2%).

The report adds that only 44% of stolen vehicles are later recovered and returned.

Bad Campania, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Lombardy

Dal 2013 al 2023Despite the ban in 2020 One million and 550 thousand vehicles were stolen In our country (cars, SUVs/crossovers, pickup trucks, heavy vehicles, motorcycles). 609,000 of them were recovered, equivalent to 39% of the total. Looking only at the world of 4 wheels, the thefts exceeded 1,113,000.

Thieves are increasingly high-tech and use the latest technologies to steal cars. The report estimates that more than 1 in 3 thefts of vehicles equipped with contactless unlocking systems are also carried out thanks to the use of devices that can often be purchased online for a few euros. Moreover, criminals are increasingly interested in SUV models. Today, more than 1 in 5 vehicle thefts involve SUVs/crossovers.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining spare parts and vehicle components, the phenomenon of partial thefts of certain components such as sat navs, tyres, mufflers/catalysts, clutch actuators, LED headlights, batteries etc. is also increasing. Speaking strictly about Italy, What are the most common areas of Italy where car theft occurs?

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The increase in thefts affected all regions of the country more or less uniformly. However, most rollouts occur in 5 areas: Campania, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily and Lombardy. Here, 80,559 of the national total of 99,153 thefts were recorded: 8 out of 10 thefts are actually concentrated in these areas.

The negative record goes to Campania with 26,045 thefts in 2023 (+9%). Next we find Lazio, with 16,912 episodes, Puglia (14,978), Sicily (13,174) and Lombardy (9,750). Campania and Lazio are also the regions where recovery rates remain lowest, at 36% and 35% respectively.

On the other hand, which areas have the lowest car thefts in Italy? There are eight regions where the number of kidnappings does not reach 600 per year: Basilicata, Valle d'Aosta, Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche, Molise, Trentino Alto Adige and Umbria.

Panda, the favorite car of thieves

What are the most stolen car models in Italy? At the top of this particular ranking we find the Fiat Panda with 12,571 launches in 2023.

  • Fiat Panda (12,571 thefts)
  • Fiat 500 (5.889)
  • Fiat Punto (4,604)
  • Lancia Ypsilon (4,472)
  • Fiat 500L (2,637)
  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta (2,075)
  • Smart ForTwo (1.976)
  • Citroen C3 (1,741)
  • Volkswagen Golf (1,465)
  • Renault Clio (1.365)

In the SUV/Crossover segment, the most in-demand models are the Fiat 500X (1,997 units stolen in 2023, 10% of all SUVs), followed by the Jeep Renegade (1,653), Peugeot 3008 (778) and Jeep Compass (713). . ) and from Renault Captur (663).

However, among cars, the models most wanted by criminals are the Honda SH (7,226 units stolen in 2023), followed by Piaggio Liberty (2,332), Piaggio Vespa (1,878), Aprilia Scarabeo (1,840) and Agility Kymco (1,382). .