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Live on the limit, Mike is still alive? The latest on his health

Live on the Limit Is Mike still alive? Let’s find out about the condition of the young man who arrived in the studio with a weight of 338 kilograms today: here is the news.

We’re back to talk about the American-born program that has been a huge success for many years also in Italy, especially with the story of Mike Meganis.

TV screen

The show has been broadcasting on Real Time for some time As always, it is intended to help those who turn to Dr. Nowzaradan’s office and because the main problem is weight.

Mike when he arrived at the famous studio at the age of thirty-seven, lives in Marion and his starting weight is 338 kilograms, a goal that the young man reached because of his broken dreams and many disappointments over time: but let’s try to find out what his path was.

Lives to the Limit: How Many Kilos Did Mike Meganis Lose?

Live to the fullest Still one of the most watched shows by the Italian public as well, which tonight will rediscover the story of Mike Meganis, the 37-year-old who arrived at Dr. Nowzaradan’s office to lose weight.

The young man over time went through a severe shock to start with his shattered dreams of wanting to become a professional athlete, and then the divorce arrived like a thunderbolt out of the blue.

I actually left celibate, Mike moved into a house owned by his parents, and gained weight, From that moment on, the young man realized that he had to change his lifestyle at all costs to take care of his four children and get his life back. Thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s clinic, he began a twelve-month journey during which he had to follow the diet of the doctor and his staff until he reached his optimum weight to be able to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Long but very successful journey since Mike in a short time I lost 107 kilos His weight reached 231 kg at the end of his trial on TV.

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A huge success didn’t stop him, from the latest news the young man appears to be continuing his path with more determination than ever, complementing his drive-by commitment to a healthy lifestyle with his personal health at the forefront of his concerns. .