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“Everything went well, I’m very happy. Are Roma a good team? Yes.” So Paulo Dybala at the end of his medical visits to Rome he made in a private clinic in Albufeira, Private Hospital du Algarve. Lawyers for the Giallorossi and the Argentine’s entourage provided details of the contract, paying particular attention to the release clause numbers. So the moment of signing has turned to today, when the former Juventus No. 10 player will officially become a new Roma player.

With a few years of delay, because he had already tried to buy him from Palermo in the summer of 2015, but was mocked by Juventus, Giallorossi’s company secured Paulo Dybala, the hero whom Jose Mourinho had openly asked to get rid of his team’s ambitions. Earth. ‘Mou’ is not satisfied with the conference league, he wants to try to win again and Fredkins, impressed by the scenes of victory, from jubilation, in the capital after the success of Tirana, has satisfied their chosen man a little more. A year ago to make a dream for the Romans, eager to relive the emotions of the past. So they fulfilled their coach’s wish as well by calling Dybala directly, as ‘Mou’ has already done. And now on the Roma side of the Giallorossi, the enthusiasm of the fans is skyrocketing, and if the club decides (but won’t) reopen the season ticket campaign, the Olympics will be sold out before the tournament begins. Meanwhile, comparisons to the big summer purchases of the past are lost, Dybala close to Paulo Roberto Falcao it’s at Gabriel Batistutawith the not-so-secret hope that the Argentine would repeat the exploits of these ancestors, and drag Rome into the Scudetto.

Dybala in Rome became a reality late on Sunday night, when the parties involved finalized the final details. The Argentine is awarded a three-year contract worth 4.5 million a year, with a series of bonuses, some of which are easily accessible, that will rise to six, similar to what Abraham and Pellegrini are already seeing in Rome. But the Dybala deal also includes a 20 million exit clause. Another positive factor is that, in order to conclude the negotiations well, Dybala’s representatives had clearly defined their request for commissions, from the ten required at that time to Inter to the four that Roma would pay in installments. Not only that: Roma will leave the image rights to Dybala, a detail that is no secondary considering the former Juventus player on Instagram has 47.9 million followers.
“I’m very happy”. These are Sky’s first words as a player in the Roma squad led by Paulo Dybala, who landed at Faro Airport in Portugal, ready to reach Mourinho’s side’s dip. When asked if he was ready to wear the No. 10 Totti shirt, he replied with a smile: “Surprise…”.

Dybala ‘I’m so happy, Totti 10? Surprise’

La Joya left Turin today at 9 am on a private jet issued by the Friedkin family. With him the same Friedkin, Thiago Pinto and prosecutors. Landed in Faro shortly after 11:30 local time, then headed to the private clinic in Albufeira, the Algarve seaside resort where Roma conducts pre-season medical checks. “I’m very happy. Will I wear the number 10 shirt? We’ll talk about it later, it will be a surprise”, Gilrossi Dybala’s first words. In fact, the topic of the shirt is not yet clear, because it seems that the Argentine, who anyway wants to talk about the matter with Mourinho and his new captain Lorenzo Pellegrini, intends to take the one with number 21, which is the number he has. In Juventus as well as in the national team. Now Roma’s No. 21 shirt belongs to newcomer Nemanja Matic, who looks set to sell it and get the No. 8 shirt. Then the ball will pass to Mourinho, because it’s up to him to decide what format Roma will play in. With Dybala, whom the Portuguese believe is the perfect partner for Abraham, to play behind the Englishman and provide assistance to him, as well as attempting a personal conclusion, there may be a return to 4-2-31 but it will be necessary to see why so far, in the first few summer tests, use Josè is always the three-man defense. It will also depend on the fate of Zaniolo, who can remain, at which point the coach will have another trophy up his sleeve. But ‘Mou’ would also like to be Frattesi, maybe a defender, at which point she goes and tells Roma fans that they shouldn’t be dreaming. Also excited for their old idol, Roberto Brozzo: “Dybala is one of the most important signings in the club’s history – commenting -. I was expecting a great midfield player and instead this hit arrived. Dybala Abraham in Serie A” One can live on income, and have Quality is well above average.” And if the bomber says so, it has to be believed.