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Russell Crowe and his family in Rome in front of the Colosseum: 'Guys, this was my office'

Russell Crowe and his family in Rome in front of the Colosseum: ‘Guys, this was my office’

Russell Crowe in Rome as he prepares to play the exorcist Gabriel Pietro Amorth in Pope exorcist Directed by Julius Avery.

To accompany the actor, as evidenced by his words and a selfie in front of the Colosseum, the whole family and his girlfriend Britney Terriot. The group then moved on to the Trevi Fountain, “one of my favorite places in the universe,” Crowe wrote on social media, followed on Twitter by his 2.8 million followers.

In front of the Colosseum, the Australian actor took a selfie with his family and commented “Guys here are my old office” referring to the fact that the Colosseum was the setting for the movie that gave him glory and popularity all over the world.

So the most famous wrestler of all time will be the protagonist Pope exorcist By Avery, the former director of the 2018 horror film Overlord. The film is inspired by the character of Father Amorth, an Italian priest and writer known as the Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome.


Crowe will play the priest, who died in Rome in September 2016 and was already the subject of a documentary by William Friedkin called The Devil and Father Amorth, released in 2017. The script for the film was signed by Chester Hastings and R. Dean McCreary, the 2018 Fanboy screenwriter, and Evan Spiliotopoulos, who wrote the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast.

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