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Lighter requirements to access the unemployment claim


INPS Indicators on simplified access requirements link to Naspi’s unemployment benefit. The Sostegni Decree suspended the application of the requirement of thirty days of actual work in the twelve months preceding the start of the period of unemployment, which is required to receive the allowance. Coinciding with the outbreak of the pandemic-related emergency, the government has relaxed requirements to increase the number of unemployed people to be supported by specific compensation, including also those with precarious contracts.

Sufficient for 13 weeks in the last 4 years

Circular No. 65/2021 of the National Institute of Statistics provides operational indicators for the rule contained in Article 16 of the Sostegni Decree, according to which, from the entry into force of Legislative Decree No. 41 (March 23) until December 31, 2021, thirty days of actual work will be due For Naspi, particularly for unemployment events occurring from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, access to Naspi’s unemployment benefit is only permitted if there are compulsory unemployment status requirements and thirteen weeks of contributions in the four years prior to the start of the downtime period.


Review rejected requests based on old requirements

Naspi’s unemployment benefits applications were filed after the events of involuntary termination of the employment relationship that occurred between January 1, 2021 and the date of publication of the INPS Circular and were rejected due to the absence of a thirty-day requirement of active work in the twelve months preceding the start of the unemployment period, ex officio it must be re-examined.

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INPS states that – as already specified in Circular No. No. 94 of 2015 regarding proportional compensation – by the unemployment event we mean “the case of involuntary termination of the work relationship that led to unemployment.” So there is no voluntary resignation.


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