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"Either she or me", the situation is out of control - Libero Quotidiano

“Either she or me”, the situation is out of control – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

grouchy. Even the hand does not want to give andThe famous island An issue erupts. Valentina Faris e Fariba Tehrani For short irons. Full showdown. At the heart of the discussion ends Miria is stableWho tell them some offensive criticisms against him. Meria deals with the problem and the alleged perpetrators.

One of them is Francesca Ludo. “They told me that some of you called me stupid and that I suffer a lot,” she said, crying. “Beatrice and Fariba told me that you, Valentina and Gill and Andrea, I said that.” The award is denied. He asks who told her everything. Then Miriya said that this chatter would have been reported by Fariba Tehrani Beatrice Marchetti. Thus, Persia is fourth against Umm Julia Salmi.

Valentina Persia told Meria, “You said you are a light girl, and this is something that laughs.” “Beware of the friend you are hugging with. The first thing she said is that she does not know you and that you look defic *** you And a small head. Pay attention to those accompanying you, because I say what I have to say to her face “and again:” I can’t wait for it to come out That is why, because he is negative, “he thunders as he heads towards Tehrani Jill Roca Against Salme’s mother: “She’s really bad.” The Frost Falling: The Roca Generation and Persia, after the unprecedented attack, did not reach out for Fariba’s hand. Eletra Lamborghini Still silent and even Persia screaming “it’s you or me”, threatening to prepare to leave the game.

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