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Withdrawals are triggered from checking accounts and securities: this is who pays

Withdrawals are triggered from checking accounts and securities: this is who pays

Pay attention to your checking account balance: these days, in fact, the state will applytax fee. Real forced withdrawal (the process, in fact, will take place without the consent of the account holders), scheduled for June.

Specifically, it is 34.20 euros for individuals and 100 euros for legal entities. In the case of stock deposits, interest-bearing bonds, and distilleries, the drawdown will be even more massive: we’re talking about 0.2% of the equivalent value at the end of June.

forced withdrawal الانسحاب

Taxes will be fixed, that is, they will cover all accounts without escalation. The amount can be subtracted in one solution or by payment my quarter: In the case of €34.20 per year for individuals, €8.55 will be subtracted in 4 solutions. If the checking account belongs instead to a legal person, such as a corporation, the annual amount of the stamp duty is €100, and the quarterly withdrawal will be €25.

Even in the case of stock withdrawals and deposits, banks usually intervene on behalf of the state on a quarterly basis. The stamp duty is set in percentage terms (0.2%) and the amount deducted depends on the value of the securities in the portfolio.

Who can avoid it?

Predictably, this type of state-enforced tax affects everyone, except for some special conditions. Withdrawals, for example, will not affect checking accounts that have an account average stock Quarterly less than 5 thousand euros. Be careful though. The same cannot be said for those who own, for example, two accounts with a value of less than 5 thousand euros. In fact, the stamp duty is calculated on the total stocks and if it exceeds the threshold threshold, then the withdrawal will be initiated.

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Those who proclaimed a I see Worth less than 7,500 euros. However, in this case, the citizen must have submitted a self-certification to his bank by May 31 requesting that the stamp duty not be applied.

Another way to avoid forced withdrawal الانسحاب To be the holder of a basic current account that is useful only in depositing the pension. Even in the case of a negative account, no amount will be subtracted of course.

tax on securities

Practically inevitable, however, the seal duty 0.2% On the stock portfolio or on deposit accounts. A viable method may be to transfer money from the deposit account to the checking account in advance: in this way, instead of paying 0.2%, only €34.20 will be debited from the holder of the amount. This is a transaction that must be weighed, especially in the case of restricted numbers or securities, which must be sold first. Sometimes, unfortunately, it is better to do nothing and agree to pay this 0.2%.

Not even open current accounts forstereo. In fact, the owners are required to pay the same amount as in Italy.