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Serie B, le occasioni a costo zero

League Two, chances at no cost

League Two, chances at no cost

Second Division Scenario regarding expired players: Many will leave, others will renew, others will withdraw

Take a reference from the sports page Gazzetta dello sport Today, dedicated to B . series, we inform you List of players who will be without contract on June 30 30 Thus, various attacks will begin from the companies that will make up the next Trainee Tournament. Some of the names are particularly famous, such as the former Milan Mario Balotelli e Kevin Prince Boateng, today in Monza: The first will be evaluated by the new Stroppa coach, the second will change the team. Loves being in the US and Qatar but would like to stay in Europe. Then pay attention to the freedoms LycheeClass 82 May He will remain without a contract as will the 30-year-old tactcides, which prevents unforeseen circumstances. He can renew Stefano instead Petinary, for a long time also in Cremonese scenes.

Other / 1 – The CastleAfter captain Manuel Yuri retires from football, full-back Luca must be let go Ghiringhelli, heading to Ternana, just got back in B. Il Parma You will do without 40 years Bruno Alves, who will almost certainly return to Portugal; The Benevento Midfielders can give up Viola and Hetmag in the First Division For Salernitana, while goalkeepers Guri and Manfredini will say goodbye. For the third who fell from Grade A, the Croton, attempts to renew the defender golemicWhile Mazzuta must leave from Palermo Calabria. The air of revolution is in Sepal After not participating in the qualifiers: The Floccari-Paloschi duo is about to leave Ferrara. The former can retire at the age of forty, while the latter loves Vicenza, as well as Tomovich.

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the other/2 He will remain without contract Emmanuel Giaccherini: former blue, 36 years old, Think of retirement After three and a half years in Chievo, otherwise there would be an offer from Arezzo, he was relegated to the amateur, which would allow him to approach his home. former grigiorosso Rinzetti Seculin, on the other hand, can be renewed, Djordjevic e Obi (Regina and Monza, a midfielder who was from Inter). They will leave Brescia Goalkeeper Andrinacci and defender Cemberini. On the other hand, evaluations are underway for the midfielder Bjarnason. Defenders Prosecco e Bussino Towards staying in Ascoli, from Frosinone leaving Capuano, ariudu (as Parma), Salvi (possibly Citadel), Iakubuchi and Gigi Vitale. Only the last two can be renewed.

Other / 3 – The former Cremo Bianchi must remain in ReginaThe same goes for midfielder Pasha Al Pordenone From New Tech Bassi. The new guard of الحارس Pisa It will be Nicholas, last season in Regina, who will replace Pirelli, left without a team. Revolving doors also in the Vicenza house: captain Giacomelli It is almost certain that negotiations will remain underway for Lanzafam. Farewell soon to Proskagen, Nalini and Pierina, while defenders Padilla and Cappelletti could remain in red and white. over there Gazzetta dello sport Then specify that in the second division there will be room for Mirco Caretta and Giuseppe De LucaBoth relegated last season with Cosenza and Virtus Intila.