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Gismondo's prophecy: "The end of Covid? Why do we still have to wait..."

Gismondo’s prophecy: “The end of Covid? Why do we still have to wait…”

We still have to wait for V-Day, and maybe we’ll talk about it again in the fall. Even if the situation has clearly improved and the epidemiological curve continues to decline. However, if you look at the same period last year, even enthusiasm tends to wane. He was also keen to point out Maria Rita Gismondo, director of the Sacco Microbiology Laboratory in Milan, on pages daily factwhich compared the May 31, 2020 data to that of 2021, the positives were 1.2% of the swabs performed, while it is now 2.1%. There is also a difference in the dead: 75 before a year and 85 after twelve months. The number of patients admitted to intensive care units reached 435 patients on May 31, 2020 and instead this year 1,061.

The discrepancy between the first and second vaccination dose

Another important point is that of the vaccination campaign. For a few days, we took second place in the ranking, after our Spanish cousins, in terms of the number of people vaccinated. However, if we look at the number of people who have already received the first dose, we will find that Germany, Belgium and Spain have overtaken us, putting us in fourth place. In short, the situation this year looks worse than these numbers compared to last year. The euphoria of both years is due to improved data compared to previous months. In 2020, the decrease in the number of hospitalizations and deaths is attributed to the advent of summer, and in 2021 instead vaccination campaign which is fast paced. According to the expert, there will therefore be a discrepancy between increasing the double-dose vaccinations and reaching the first doses. As if there was a slowdown in the initial momentum accurately recorded in the early days.

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Gismondo: “It’s wise to wait for fall”

According to Gismondo, the percentage of vulnerable people who have not yet received the vaccine is very worrying. As announced in recent days by the emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Vigliolo, between 2 and 3 million are still missing. more than 60. In an effort to rectify the situation, the military has reiterated that priority should be given to the elderly and the frail and vaccine boosters. Additionally, those going on vacation will have to organize vacations in order to respect the scheduled recall date, which can remain flexible enough for all types of vaccinations. Given all this data, and especially the missing data that would help assess the occurrence of these phenomena and the direction of the epidemic, we cannot yet speak of a real turning point. “I think while I’ve always remained an optimist and a ‘believer in vaccination,’ it would be wise to wait until fall.” Gismondo concluded.