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Le Iene, the Ten Women Who Are Running: From Elodie to Pellegrini . Unveiled

Ten women will take turns leading Le Iene alongside Nicola Savino and Gialappa Band. And after days of great curiosity about their names It was finally revealed. They are all very famous, have great personalities, undeniable talent, and come from the most diverse fields.

after, after Farewell Alicia Marcuse to Mediaset, and thus to hyenas Curiosity about who would replace him grew day by day. Lots of hypotheses developed to advertise I reached via the program’s official social channels: what was to be just an introduction, but ten, all ready to win the hearts of viewers next season.

After two days of suspense, the ominous names also arrived. There will be, as some rumors have wanted, Elodie. The singer, who is currently working on the next album and is ready to release a new single, will be back in business. New and exciting experience, which follows Sanremo 2020, where he joins Amadeus and Fiorello.

Kids also come from the world of music my lady, with a strong personality and great communication skills, e Ornella Vanioni, is famous not only for her phenomenal career, but also for her career Straightening without brake.

There is no shortage of representatives from the world of sports. Federica Pellegrini, After playing his last Olympics in Tokyo and after saying that Goodbye competitionsAt least on a competitive level, will be displayed in the show. There will also be a European volleyball champion Paula Iguno.

Already at ease in the world of television and entertainment, Elisabetta CanalesAnd Elena Santarelli And the actress Rossio Munoz Morales. All three will support Nicolas Savino, putting themselves to the test in running the new version of the program. In the studio too overwhelming sympathy Comedian Michela Giroud. Finally, borrowed from the world of journalism, Francesca Fagnani will also wear the very famous Die. hyenas.

In short, the cast is ready, between affirmations and surprises, to entertain the Italia Uno audience in every possible way and to make Alessia Marcuzzi’s absence feel as minimal as possible. Choosing ten alternate ladies with such a strong personality for Running will prove successful?

Ten women at the helm of “Le Iene”: the names announced on Instagram.