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“These are the dates for the next Sanremo Festival,” spoiler behind Carlo Conte and Rai


Until now, Carlo Conte’s name has been the only thing confirmed about the upcoming Sanremo Festival, but now the dates are also known, although there has been no official communication from Rai. The legacy of Amadeus was embraced by Conti, who after five years of artistic direction moved to Novi, abandoning rai. So far, Conte has remained particularly tight-lipped about the details of the upcoming festival, explaining only that he does not want to “throw away” the work Amadeus has done so far. Conte then reported on the division of categories in the competition, separating “big” singers from “new proposals.” For young people, the winner must be announced during the cover evening. There should be no exclusions, because according to Conte, “it would be obsolete.”

However, apart from Conte’s secrecy, there are those who do not hesitate to reveal the start date of the next Sanremo Festival, which will begin on Tuesday, February 4, 2025 and end on Saturday, February 8. The spoiler was signed by Walter Facchino, patron of the Ariston Theater, who knew how well he agreed with Carlo Conti and Ray. Facino presented Ariston’s calendar of events for next season yesterday. In the list, from European football matches, through the performances of Antonio Albanese and Giuseppe Crociani, he also included the start and end days of the upcoming Sanremo Festival.

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