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Hurricane with summer heat but be careful on weekends in the north

Hurricane with summer heat but be careful on weekends in the north

The strengthening of the African high pressure field leads to a new warming in Italy. The most sensitive thermal increase will appear in the second half of the week especially in the center and south, with temperature values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be well above the period averages. For these two sectors in Italy, the summer will last until the third decade of September and there will be few shocks ahead as well. On a large European scale, the circulation will instead see the development of some significant low-pressure numbers that stretch across the Atlantic, France, and the Iberian Peninsula. The wind circulation over Italy will be of the southern type.

In the northern regions, the hypothesis of a turbulent corridor over the coming weekend is making its way. The arrival of this cloudy body accompanied by high winds coming from Scirocco could lead to heavy rain, especially on Sunday. The regions most affected will be Liguria, upper Tuscany, the Alpine and pre-alpine belt of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto. The arrival of this turbulence in the north will coincide with the peak of heat in the south. height analysis subordinate American model Referring to Sunday 26 September:

Starting next week, some models seem to once again assume the development of a strong anticyclone in Scandinavia. On the eastern side of these anticyclones, masses of cold air will slide towards the countries of Eastern Europe, while on the western side, the Atlantic depression can push its influence as far as the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, in the first days of next week, some models assume the development of a layer of southern currents accompanied by deteriorating weather conditions, especially in the north and on the middle and upper Tyrrhenian slopes, with heavy rains. height analysis subordinate American model Referring to Wednesday 19 September:

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