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Fiat, la rivoluzione verde del Lingotto

Fiat, the green lingotto revolution

green revolution – Fiat transformed and with it the former factory Lingotto, a global symbol of the Italian motoring capital. The assembly line stopped running in 1982 and the first generation Lancia Delta was the last model to leave the Turin plant via Nizza. The roof is still from the original design of the former industrial area, which over the past 40 years has been transformed into a large trade fair and mall. Until yesterday the company abandoned test track, from today it is hosted house 500, which is a showcase museum of the Agnelli Art Gallery dedicated to the history and future of the Fiat 500, e runway 500, a high-altitude asphalt circuit, surrounded by the greenery of more than 40,000 plants, reserved exclusively for the battery-powered models of the Stellantis group.

Targets beyond the car – marking Fiat It also unveiled New 500 (red) (in the pictures), decreased in sedan, X and L versions and the first car in the world born in cooperation with a non-profit organization active in the fight against HIV in countries most affected by the virus such as Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. Guest of honor on the renovated Lingotto rooftop, the meeting point between industrial archeology and green architecture, BonoAnd U2 FrontmanCo-founder of (RED) and lover of the Fiat brand, a true family passion. Olivier François emphasizes that the purpose of the new terrace goes beyond just promoting the product: “Here we sow the seeds of our future – explained the director -. We do it in a place of great symbolic value to us. A hundred years ago it was born as a secret and inaccessible test path, and now it is an open garden For all Turin residents, with the aim of creating culture, helping society and promoting the fight against climate change.”

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The words of John and Geneva Elkann – “Starting today, Turin has New Museum, New Garden Open to all,” said Stellantis President, John Elkann, noting that the investments made at Mirafiori in Lingotto’s electric and green transformation are “a sign of the group’s commitment to driving change that the automotive sector will confidently deliver.” community benefits from sustainable and pioneering mobility.” For Ginevra Elkann, Number One of Pinacoteca Agnelli, the Lingotto is “a magical place, a symbol of Italian manufacturing, which has managed to transform itself over time to respond to new needs. Here today we find all the elements of the history of Fiat and Turin, presented in a new vision of the world. With the new Pinacoteca, Casa 500 and Pista 500 and the large hanging park, also designed to accommodate sculptures, Lingotto paints the common idea of ​​a new future: more conscious, more sustainable, always in dialogue with art and the environment.”

the museum Museum area house 500 (picture above), designed by the Lab71 team of architects, unites the three generations of the Turin city car. The exhibition path, divided into seven thematic areas, occupies an area of ​​more than 700 square meters. The first section, called Legacy, refers to the early days of the project with archival photographs and films; The second, made in Italy, is divided into the Boom, Ego and Ethical spaces and brings together twelve industrial products that made Italian design known throughout the world; The third, social significance, traces the history of the Fiat 500 from 1957 to the present day; Fourth, the poster group, which summarizes the most important advertising campaigns in twelve publications. The fifth generation, 3 generations, demonstrates the technical and stylistic development of the car; The sixth, Digital Counter, is a type of interactive diary with interviews and testimonies of the people who contributed to the model’s success; The seventh and final, Looking Ahead, relives the adventure of the iconic Turin car, and intertwines with the great changes the Lingotto has experienced over its one hundred-year history.

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the garden – I imagined it as a linear garden Divided into 28 large islands, the garden – made up of over 40,000 plants belonging to 300 species, most of which are herbaceous perennials with very fast growth and yield – covers more than 7,000 square meters of the 27,000 available on the roof. Lingotto. To grow trees and flowers, new visualization techniques have been adopted aimed at reducing water and fertilizer consumption. This has led to the birth and evolution of many species of butterflies and beetles, contributing to the creation of a new urban biodiversity heritage. In honor of the Piedmont hazel, the main ingredient of the famous Gianduia cream, the garden hosts a hazelnut orchard. There is also a learning area to study natural dyeing and sections devoted to eating and herbaceous plants and shrubs.