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Lazio Roma, Maurizio Sarri responds to Mourinho and attacks the League

Lazio Roma, Maurizio Sarri responds to Mourinho and attacks the League

Due to the second match of the group European League against the Locomotive Mosca, Technical Lazio Maurizio Sarri He spoke at the press conference: “Anyone can play a game with high motivation, with very high motivation for only a few months, and for only 10 months for the winners. It is a test for us: we had a great derby, now we have to show that we are moving forward with high motivation. I ask The team focus on the challenge with locomotive. It’s a tough group, we made a mistake in the first set, and tomorrow is a very delicate and important thing for us. Much more difficult than you think. Against a team I faced two years ago with him JuventusWe won, but they were two very tough races Champions“.

frequently He’ll make some change: “If someone needed a rest, I don’t know, between afternoon and tomorrow morning I would have clearer thoughts. Muriqi? In my opinion he is giving us a helping hand, he has also seen him in the last two games. Muriqi He can play for five minutes, but if he enters with that desire to fight with all the balls, he helps us. He got the decisive penalty with Turin. If the boy in the barrel can get something more, we’ll see. But what we ask of him, he interprets it with uncommon determination.”

frequently He wanted to emphasize something that bothered him a lot in light of the next championship match: “That should be considered nonsense. There league It took a championship match (Sunday a Bologna 12.30, editor) 61 hours before the end of the European match. It seems to me something out of this world, but they decided that and we have to adapt to it. ”

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Lazio – Rome

Maurizio Sarri He also returned to talk about the derby, in response to accusations of Mourinho: “My ratings are so fiber He suffered and did not. He protested against a punishment that could not be inflicted Zaniolo He was an intruder. Then I think the penalty for Rome Only verdict and var saw it, I checked the pictures for a few days and didn’t notice the contact, in fact if it’s there, it’s from Zaniolo this hits First Akpro. But I’m no longer interested in talking about the match with LA RomeWe have made the points clear, and now we have to think only of tomorrow. Otherwise, in these clubs, the season ends with derby managers and it should not be the case. We understand its importance to the fans, but now we have an important match at European level.”

In the end, frequently Closed talk about unwanted substitution a Louis Alberto During Lazio Rome: “For me who is restless after the change I do not care but on the contrary I am pleased. I am worried about the player who accepts the switch in a negative way. If one is angry, it gives a positive signal. I do not like to think about percentages of how he expresses himself, For me he is a great player with a lot of room for improvement and I will always look forward to more of that. Louis Alberto As he would do it himself.”

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