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“Larvicidal treatments are essential for prevention.”

“Larvicidal treatments are essential for prevention.”

Reports of suspected cases of dengue fever are increasing in Italy. The most recent in chronological order concerns a patient who arrived at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa from Argentina and a man at the ATS in Brescia, but they were also registered in Posto Arsizio, in the province of Varese, and in Veneto.

The Ministry of Health issued three circulars aimed at raising the level of dengue preparedness at airports and ports as well as in local medicine.

But what exactly is dengue fever, known simply as dengue fever? It is a tropical infectious disease caused by the dengue virus. It is transmitted to humans through mosquito bites, which in turn bite the infected person. Thus there is no direct infection between humans, even if humans are the primary host of the virus.

It presents with fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, in addition to a distinctive skin rash resembling measles. However, in a small percentage of cases, hemorrhagic fever develops, which means more serious cases.

doctor Guido MarinoniThe President of the Bergamo Medical Association points out that: “The scientific correspondent Roberta Vella in her new book “Dictionary of Antimedicine” explained that at the end of the summer of 2023 the tiger mosquito also caused, for the first time in Italy,: a small local outbreak of dengue fever (11 cases). The disease also appears to take its name, through Spanish, from a Swahili word, ki denga pepo, which means something like “convulsive-like spasms caused by an evil spirit.” As with chikungunya, this virus also causes, in addition to fever, headache and any skin manifestations, and very severe pain that can disappear within a few weeks or last for several months or years. For this reason, the disease is also called “break-bone fever.” Up to 400 million people are infected with the dengue virus each year, although only about a hundred of them develop symptoms, which can sometimes be of a hemorrhagic nature.

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“To reduce the risks – adds Dr. Marinoni – it is necessary to carry out larval treatments, aimed at combating the spread of these insects. Therefore, the various campaigns organized by the various competent bodies in the region are of great importance. Even individual measures, such as avoiding keeping water in dishes and containers in “In the garden or on the balcony, it helps because small stagnant water creates a habitat for the tiger mosquito.”

Dengue affects humans, but as far as we know, does not affect animals. However, the veterinary profession was also involved by the Ministry of Health in disseminating prevention measures to the public through a circular dated 15 November 2023 from the General Directorate of Animal Health and Veterinary Medicines. The doctor explains that Stefano FavorzaniPresident of the Bergamo Province Veterinarians Association, who noted: “In this document it is also recommended that veterinarians disseminate information, also through direct contact with the client, in clinics, veterinary or university clinics.”

“The Ministry of Health informs – continues Dr. Favorzani – gatherings for sporting events, especially when they occur in areas at risk due to the presence of the vector, or near areas where mosquito breeding occurs more frequently, or at the event. From daily walking of pets, especially near green spots, swampy areas, and waterways.”

It is necessary to combat the spread of these insects. “Among the recommended measures there is the use of 'topical repellents' and adequate and protective clothing but also 'the implementation of permitted forms of environmental control' effective against both mosquito larvae and adults, which must be carried out 'before sporting events,' notes the head of the Bergamo Province Veterinary Association. Or in the parking lots of institutions (referred to in Law 429/2016) or structures most at risk.” The Ministry recommends relying on approved companies that inspect their equipment and use approved disinfectants.

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Finally, Dr. Favrzani concludes: “I can add that although dengue is not a disease of pets, these prevention rules are also important for our animals (dogs and cats) to whom the same type of mosquito (Aedes) can transmit other diseases.” Such as heartworm disease (from Dirofilaria immitis) and subcutaneous heartworm disease (from Dirofilaria repens). These are parasitic diseases (and therefore not viral like dengue, from Arbovirus) and since using an effective repellent against mosquitoes can be complicated (dogs and cats have hair). ..) Prevention of these diseases is also available with medications that prevent the development of parasites in the animal’s body. It is very important that animal owners follow their veterinarian's advice on the correct way to protect their pets.

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