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Lagalla is the only candidate for the center-right mayoral post

Lagalla is the only candidate for the center-right mayoral post

After the appeal of center-right unity and the release of a poll in which he had a 30% lead, it appeared that Francesco Casio was one step back and Palermo mayor ready to step down. The official status is not yet known, but according to some sources With Palermo The decision would have been taken during a summit between the forces supporting the candidature. So Roberto Lagalle would have been the only center-right candidate. But reports from both Gianfranco Miccichè and Francesco Cascio say they are working on an agreement, but the center-right is still not small.

“I read the imaginary hypotheses of withdrawing my candidacy for mayor of Palermo – Casio – I plan a series of meetings tomorrow where I will be busy explaining my idea of ​​the city. Thanks again for the continued alliance.” I have to guarantee full support. If anyone confuses my desire to face withdrawal from the election campaign, they have gone the wrong way.

“If you want to meet, it’s okay – instead the Ars leader said – but Casio will not retire. The first thing in life is education. If I give you a chance, I think it’s right to use this against me. We surrender to them. We do not like this statement made by Lagalle to his people. Casio is absolutely a candidate. We as a party are ready to clash with the Italian brothers, but nothing else. ” In addition to Michiche, today’s summit in Arsenal was attended by Italy’s Saverio Romano de Noy, Movemento per le Autonomy’s Roberto de Mauro and Italy’s Antonello Antinoro de Noy.

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Roberto Lagalle talks about disappointment. “At this point it looks like we’re going to go with two candidates – the mayoral candidate in La Press announces – but I’m not worried, I was disappointed with a hypothesis that we could have all seen it together”. In recent days, the brothers in Italy have decided to focus on the former councilor for education, following the retirement of Carolina Varghese.


A few hours ago, Giambro Canella, regional coordinator of Fradelli d’Italia in western Sicily, noted that “Fradelli d’Italia’s, as in the first moment, seek center-right unity. , We could never have found a summary of Professor Lagalla to provide for the entire center-right coalition.

Following the rumors, here is the status of Forza Italia. “The appeals of Casio and Lagalle have not left us indifferent – read a note – and the existence of our political alliance aims to provide good governance for the city of Palermo and its citizens. We will meet in the next few hours.

Then, the pattern of the center-left candidate for mayor. “The push and pull of these hours between the various factions of the Palermo right wing is incredible, it seems to be witnessing an episode of ‘jokes aside’.” Thus the mayoralty of Franco Michele Mayor commented on the conflicting news coming from the parties supporting Roberto Lagalla and Francesco Casio. It’s not just about the well – being and the future of our city.

The article was updated on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 20.59