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"You can call me a doctor."  Soumahoro returns to attack Meloni

“You can call me a doctor.” Soumahoro returns to attack Meloni

Abubakar SoumahoroThe newly elected Deputy of Parliament was a guest How is the weather? And he returned to the “you” controversy that the Prime Minister addressed to him during his response to the House on Faith Day. A ticket Georgia MeloneyOften used as a sub in the Atlantic over the years, the left wasted no time in exploiting it and continued to ride it himself.

Indeed, once again, from Fabio Fazio’s studio, Abubakar Soumahoro returns to use the question of colonialism: “Many years ago in the colonies, I The colonists Because le was considered respectable and reserved only for whites, they called the colonized Tu. So today the term refers to all of these things, but it’s also a way of looking down because they’re women, black, or part of the LGBTQ community. Low“. An instrumental and idiosyncratic polemic of Abubakar Soumahoro, which showed all the arrogance that the Italian left is rich in at this historical moment, added:”President can also give me a doctor, I am a graduate“.

If these are the issues the left seems to be fighting against, it’s no wonder that liberals are falling in the polls. Georgia Meloni, noting the MP’s irritation, immediately apologised: “I’m sorry, my mistake, I apologize, enough is wrong, that’s enough to apologize When it happens“The prime minister called him “colleague” and it was natural to address Abubakar Soumahoro as “you”, after years as a member of parliament, as we speak informally among colleagues across the Atlantic.

But no. The left prefers to stick to this minimal grip to mount one Sterile ControversyAboubakar Soumahoro thanks to the support provided by some television programs that are idealistic and instrumental like the one hosted by Fabio Fazio on public television.

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