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Labor investigation, reports of violations and harassment continue

Labor investigation, reports of violations and harassment continue

Media echo raised by our investigation into world of work In the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza does not stop. after Salvatore, A worker forced to return part of the salary to his superiorsand another man He was condemning for nothing and for some time the harassment he was subjected to, this time the new report comes from a group of young Calabrian workers who already a year ago, in a full pandemic, collected numerous testimonies from workers in different sectors. What again shows a disturbing picture.

seasonal factor

In the file sent to the editorial office, it was immediately verified, Many certificates. The rumors are all, of course, convincing, because those who condemn them Doesn’t feel completely protected. Everyone, despite various events, is united by the fear that employers will discover them and end up, thus in a sea of ​​trouble. But wanting to scream to the world that you’re tired and sick of being taken advantage of Unscrupulous businessmen, gets bigger and bigger.

He definitely wants it Claudiainvented the name seasonal factor, which reveals the background of a world that on the outside looks, in some ways, like a near-perfect machine. “Contracts are almost non-existent, seasonal workers, who are more fortunate, have contracts for a maximum of four months, so, from June to September, they obviously do not cover the entire period of work.”

In the Riviera de Cedri, regardless of the period of the epidemic, the tourist season can also last from April to October. “Personally – says the woman – I have found myself over the years to do from Eight to ten hours of work and on the contract about three hoursBut even that won’t be enough for some employers: “I’ve seen people who get paid really hurt because some of my colleagues got tip.”

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The health sector is also on the horizon

“She never received the baby allowance or the right to go home an hour early to breastfeed. unpaid illnessessay instead Francesca, an employee of a supermarket of a large food chain, also in the Cosenza-Tyrrhenian Sea. Once again, work contracts have been signed 20 hours a week which becomes 33 hours too, The two seats are prohibited. We work seven days a week. take or leave.

The profile is long and the certifications also come from the golden world of healthcare in Calabria. “We are pawns working to fill in the gaps in the medical recovery plan – he says Roberta – Even if they pay us overtime, do two shifts, we get to work Up to 12 hours a dayAnd in a sector where clarity of mind is everything, it is by no means a small thing.

It is necessary to report

This phenomenon is certainly wide, so much so that it escapes even the constant controls of the tax authorities and the Guardia di Finanza. But thanks to our investigation,wave of indignation Which got to the offices of institutions, where they are familiar with certain dynamics, among other things.

“Deplores – let the Tyrrhenian Highland Police know – we need direct testimony from the parties involved.” And they swear it There is little to fear, Contrary to popular belief. “In terms of justice, the victims are always protected and in this case the victims are harassment of workers. Those who turn to us have the state on their side. Only with the help of the citizens can we change things.” It is not enough to find a little courage and turn to the authorities.

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