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Govt emergency, scheduled admission to hospitals suspended

Govt emergency, scheduled admission to hospitals suspended

The current epidemic situation records the peak of epidemics since Govt-19, which causes clear crises in the welfare response of public health structures. While the same short-term prospects did not provide data promising a sudden turnaround, the incidence of positive cases in the RT index and hundreds of thousands of people in Campania has reached one of the highest limits since the onset of the epidemic. The highest in Italy, as drawn by the signs of the ISS, is now incorporated into Scenario 4.


“Therefore, in order to allow for the rapid optimization of the hospital system to deal with this emergency, the involvement of public health workers and related health workers should be made a priority in the management of Covid patients, considering the consistency of the emergency situation and the rules. Recognize the need for certification and allow regions to suspend remodeling and / or hospital admission activities Any effective effort aimed at reducing the risk of infection should be implemented,

It organizes

– Suspension of admission to medical and surgical scheduled hospitals in public health facilities from 10 January 2022 until the new Express arrangement.

– Opportunity to carry only “non-deferral” emergency hospitals coming in for transfer from emergency room or other hospitals.

– Failure to provide cancer patients, oncologists, gynecology, transplant surgery and life-saving services and the patient’s health may be immediately affected, therefore, this suspension is valid for all scheduled hospitals except those that cannot be postponed. .

– Suspension, beginning on 10 January 2022, and until the express arrangement, not all outpatient professional activities, in the same configurations, are characterized by urgency or procrastination. Outpatient activities for oncology, oncology, dialysis and radiotherapy services should not be suspended and oncology screening activities should be maintained as they are admitted to the hospital.

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Staff relieved of normal administration should be assigned to the hospitalization and treatment of Govt patients.

SS.LL has been called upon to arrange for the recall of patients who had already been scheduled for the Advertising Advertisement, in order to be informed of the postponement.

It should be noted that this general suspension is mandatory for all activities in the ALPI.

These arrangements will be modified by AORN Santobono to suit the needs of pediatric patients.