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Kuglieri – Fires have reached the city of Sardinia

Witness, ‘We Go to Neighborhood Centers’

“Flames engulfed the city’s central square, in front of the seminary and near the post office.” ANSA says one of the residents of Kuglieri (Oristano) left home with his family and moved to one of the nearby towns.
“They diverted us to Sennariolo, but it looks like the fire is moving back to the front.” Firefighters coordinate all interventions on site. Highway 292 northwest of Sardinia is closed.

Fear in Sennariolo – “The fire did not affect the city, but the flames were not far from the city.” While coordinating operations in his municipal area north of the province of Oristano, Censariolo Mayor Giampattista Letta was contacted by phone by ANSA.

At present it is not known if the flames are moving because the wind has subsided. Meanwhile, people in Guglielmo were evacuated from their homes – where they were able to avoid a fire barrier from the plaza Lucerne – and took refuge in the Senariolo Gym (about a hundred people). Others went to friends and relatives in neighboring centers, while patrol and traffic police from the local Carabinieri and Oristano police headquarters were all determined to support the intervention. People who have been evicted from their homes in the plaza Luzurkiu will return to their homes instead.

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