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Kickboxing tournament for 70 athletes at Coni Gym

Kickboxing tournament for 70 athletes at Coni Gym

Great success to participate in the “Marche Provincial Kickboxing Fight 1 Tournament” open Csen organized by the association “Il Tempio di Bellona” from Fermo, sponsored by the municipality, which took place on Sunday in the Coni gym. About 70 athletes from all over the region competed in this important tournament, which made it possible for some of them to reach the qualifiers for the National Fight 1 tournament that will take place in June in Rimini. Double the satisfaction of the Tempio di Bellona, ​​which in addition to being the organizing federation, has won 8 gold medals and 4 silver among young athletes. Deserving the title of regional champion of the respective categories (and thus winning participation in the national ‘Fight1’ competitions) athletes: Chiara Vilara, Mohamed Elfani, Leonardo Cocu, Maria Julia Coco, Michele Ruggieri, Haitham Zarroli, Matilda Ana Pariante and Nohila Zerouali.

Instead, they finished second in their respective classes: Aeron Farbi, Marco Marinuzzi, Alessandro Montepari and Andrea Ferroni. The many teams and fans that filled Fermo Square were welcomed by the Municipal Administration and Coni Marche by the Municipal Sports Adviser, Alberto Maria Scarfini, and the Coni Marche President, Fabio Luna. A special encouragement came to all male and female athletes through the video message of world kickboxing champion Isca Mattia Faraone.

Together with the Il Tempio di Bellona Society led by Professor Fabio Coco, Asd Kung Fu Drago Del Tao was also present to represent the city of Fermo, with Master Sergio Ciccoli.

The two associations have been cooperating for some time on initiatives for the development of martial arts in the Fermo region. Thus, the common satisfaction of athletes, the public, municipal administrators and sports associations, with a day spent in the name of sport as a source of psychological and physical well-being and the healthy sports competition that results from it.

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Paola Biragostini