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Big Snow, we tell you when there are conditions for a big snowfall in Italy »

Big Snow, we tell you when there are conditions for a big snowfall in Italy »

Weather: Big Snow, we reveal when there will be conditions for a big snowfall in Italy

Ideal conditions for big snowThe odds are growing that Italy will be hit by Nucula, a severe frost from Russia over the next week: Technically, this outage takes the name, Precisely Bourienne (or Boran).
It’s a rare occurrence, but with the right configurations it can literally upset even our weather conditions in a few days, allowing ideal conditions to get there. Big snowman(Big Snowman).

First premise is necessary. with the term Bourienne defines a Icy northeast wind Which, during the winter period, blows on the ice e Endless lands of Siberia or the Kazakh steppes Oriented towards the Urals and the Sarmatian lowland. It often reaches Xinjiang in Asia, while it rarely crosses the Urals to conquer Europe. The term comes from the Russian language or its pre-Turkish language Two towerswhat does that mean “Very strong windsIndeed, Buran gusty winds accompany their arrival, as well as causing the temperature to drop (even by 10 degrees Celsius in less than 24 hours), often Snowstorms.

Well, according to the latest update, something big is brewing and could really happen within the first ten days of February. By extending our gaze to the entire hemispherical chessboard, we can see how Strong outage of frozen air From the Arctic extraction will be able to invest the ancient continent of Monday, February 6th (Nikola).
As can be seen from the map we propose below, Italy is also likely to take a beating icy currents Of northeastern origin, with temperatures that will decrease, dropping by several degrees and much lower than the expected climatic averages in this period, leading to the formation of the so-called “cold pillow”, that is, a layer of Freezing air Close to Earth with temperatures Much less than zero.Perfect conditions for a big snowfall in ItalyPerfect conditions for a big snowfall in ItalyThis supercooled flow would then conclude its runoff in the Mediterranean basin, dipping directly from Rune Gate With direct effects on our country.
If this is confirmed, it does not exclude the possibility of its formation Cyclo genesis Directly between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, capable of causing bad weather with a wide spread Rainfall Starting from the center of the north. Warning: Due to the potentially very cold temperatures that exist in our country, Snow can come off big, even on the plains: So ideal conditions were needed for anyone Big snowman (big snowman).

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Obviously, given the time distance, we still advocate caution, as the configuration may be subject to changes. But this time the factory seems to be there.