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Kevin Spacey has to donate €30 million to House of Cards

Kevin Spacey has to donate €30 million to House of Cards

Kevin Spacey will have to compensate the production company behind”house of paperThis was proved by an arbitral award: The figure is about $31 million, around 26.6 million euros. The actor’s dismissal, for violating the code of conduct on sexual harassment, caused heavy losses to the series he distributed Netflix.

At the time of the events, it was 2017, the production had to interrupt the sixth season of the series, rewrite it and shorten episodes from 13 to 8. Last season, so she was a character Frank Underwood been eliminated. Moreover, what is left out of the American media The contract with the MRC included a policy against sexual harassment. The policy that was violated.

Kevin Spacey’s legal team argues that the actor’s behavior was not a material factor in the series’ economic losses. But what happened? In 2017, in full swing #Me too, actor (Anthony Raab) The Oscar-winning actor was accused of sexually molesting him at a party in the 1980s, when he was 14. After him, other defendants filed against Spacey.

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