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Robotic surgery for urology and three specialists at the hospital

Robotic surgery for urology and three specialists at the hospital

Ascoli – Thanks to the agreement signed between the Polytechnic University of Marche and the region, a new Director of Urology has been appointed in VASTA 5. It was Giulio Milanes who took up the service at Matsoni Hospital on January 1, after winning the general selection procedure he was called up for the vacancy. Thanks to the agreement between Av5 and Polytechnic, Urology will also have three postgraduate doctors from the specialty school at the Urological Clinic of Ancona as support (Edoardo Agostini, who arrived already on January 1, Maria Vitoria de Angelis and Matteo Mantovan). He will soon be joining the already working staff, which includes Domenico de Carolis, Alberto Florio, Giovanni Angelussi, Silvia Giovannazzi and Fanosca Silvestri, at least one new urologist.

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Forty-nine years old, born in Milan, but adoptive Jesse, graduated from Milan in medicine from Marche Polytechnic and specialized in urology at the same university. He has more than 150 scientific papers and research awards. He teaches the Certificate Course in Medicine and Surgery, the Certificate Course in Nursing and Physiotherapy and the School of Specialization in Urology at Univpm. He has been a lecturer and speaker at many national and international conference sessions. In his training in Milan, he received a Research Doctorate in Medicine and Prevention and a Research Scholarship from Univpm. He is a member of many national and international scientific societies. He is currently the President of the Assuam (The Marche Urology and Andrology Association). “We have important projects to improve the technology that will be used to treat patients’ urology, but also to operationalize robotic surgery – stated Chief Physician Giulio Milanes – from our point of view, we would like to increase the staff to overcome this prolonged shortage in the Vasta 5 area for some time now. We will try ‘stealing’ outpatient and operating room premises where possible, in an effort to reduce the potential for transmission between operators and patients, and working as much as possible to meet needs and reduce the long waiting lists in which we find ourselves watching for bladder cancer represents a major surgical effort, but it also represents many of the oncological diseases in Urology and benign diseases that put urinary tract functions such as stones in difficulty. Triage at this age is a bit difficult but we will try to implement it.” It is also planned to establish a center for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence and prolapse in women, and andrology surgery, which was active, will also be maintained. Already years ago.

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Outpatient Diagnostics and Minimally Invasive Urology will soon be launched at San Benedetto Hospital in order to provide a response to urogenital diseases throughout the broad region 5, albeit with different bipolar characteristics.

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