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Save on your bill and relax with these smart slippers

Save on your bill and relax with these smart slippers

Today we want to suggest you an excellent tool for better management of electronic equipment at home and abroad. This is the Revos smart energy barPractical accessory with connection Wi-Fi Allowing you to remotely control connected devices and save your bill.

Refoss Intellingente Slipper: Technical Characteristics

The design is very simple, it is a power strip with it 3 Schuko . Sockets NS 4 USB ports For charging mobile devices. The shell is made entirely of stomach muscles-able to delay the fire in the event of a short circuit. However, one is not missing Overload protection Which prevents voltage peaks by protecting the equipment connected to the electrical network. Each Schuko port can be controlled individually, while the four USB ports work simultaneously, but can still be turned on or off.

Of course, the smart features of this power strip make the difference. The device is already compatible with Amazon AlexaAnd Google Home so IFTTT. This way, you can directly manage the doors with your voice through smart home devices using Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest. Of course there is no shortage ofApplication Dedicated Which offers many interesting features like timer. You can thus set a time period for the sockets to run or even create a file Calendar. All in a very simple way, thanks to aGuided installation Right from the application that will allow you to configure everything in a few minutes.

Thanks voucher from 10 euro It can be activated directly from the product page, and the smart power strip can be purchased Amazon Just €21.99.

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