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Inverted expectation! As of Wednesday 22 all changes, updates have just confirmed it … »

Weather: Reverse forecast! As of Wednesday 22nd all changes, updates just confirmed that…

Inverted forecast, high pressure returns from WednesdayWLAlmost completely opposite of expectations! The very dynamic and unpredictable atmosphere of the past few days has led to an upheaval computing centers Global companies that have had, compared to what has been assumed in recent days, to completely revise their short and medium-term forecasts. changes everythingAnd And therefore. To tell the truth, on Tuesday we already had the first signs of a possible disruption of the models, but the latest update gave confirmation of this: so, if only the second part was only 48 hours ago week In the name of a decidedly unstable climatic context with the autumn season ready for gains in the Mediterranean, now we Official APP It gives us a completely different projection, using The next few days are far from a turning point in autumn.

But let’s see in detail what awaits us on the meteorological front until Friday September 24.
distance Tuesday It has residual activity Thunder Storm In areas Adriatic sea, starting from Wednesday 25 The pressure will gradually increase again on our country.
However, on the Iberian Peninsula, the low pressure vortex will still be present, with greater depth: the latter, in addition to maintaining the dynamics of a certain storm in some corners of the main islands, will again induce hot air masses from African, Ready to return on the journey towards the nostrum mare.
Therefore, the effects on the rest of Italy will be ruled out, which will instead return to experience a decidedly calm meteorological context, with temperature This, day after day, They will rise again until they are above average again climate, in particular Al South.

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in the weekend, in fact, in addition to the fairly stable and moderate situation throughout the country, our southern regions, but at the beginning also SardiniaAnd It will be understood again by one african fire, With temperature from mold practically the summer.

But how long will the new summer phase last in September?? Only in the second part of weekend Things can change as it seems possible to cross a single queue Atlantic turbulence, directed towards our country North Central Regions.
However, we will be pleased to provide you with more details in upcoming updates.