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Kate Middleton, concern for her son George grows: 'It's all Harry's fault'

Kate Middleton, concern for her son George grows: ‘It’s all Harry’s fault’

Kate Middleton it’s his William’s husband They are increasingly worried about him son of george It wasn’t enough to become a target on social media, now to scare parents there are statements Uncle Harry. As a source at Buckingham Palace told Us Weekly, they are “concerned” about the Duke of Sussex’s comments against raising the royal family.

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Kate Middleton, Fear for George

I am Cambridge They don’t know how to manage the education and growth of the maiden who is destined to become king one day. In an interview with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast, Harry spoke about “genetic pain and suffering.” Within sight of the Duke of Sussex, there is always the inability to defend family members from the tabloid press.

Kate Middleton, Fear for George

As royal biographer Robert Lacey wrote in the updated Battle of Brothers: “William and Kate wanted their son to have a normal family upbringing, but now they could no longer hide the issue of inheriting the throne.The eight-year-old has to go to boarding school like his father and uncle, but the presence of social media and haters complicate that decision. Times have changed.

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