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Kamala Harris returns amidst unknowns and pitfalls.  What role will you play?

Kamala Harris returns amidst unknowns and pitfalls. What role will you play?

From our correspondent
New York – the Kamala Harris Charisma is missing. It is true that some women, especially minorities, say there is also an element of sexism and racism in views regarding the image of the First Vice President of the United States. It is also true that he committed Objective errors: In dealing with the burning immigration file, journalists gave unconvincing answers On a visit to Guatemala, he warned migrants “don't come,” angering progressives.

But charisma is crucial to any president of the United States, and it is an indefinable quality that you can tell when someone has it or lacks it. It is also true that many vice presidents are not charismatic (it is difficult to associate the word “charisma” with Mike Pence), but it is different for Harris because Omar Bidenwho would be 86 at the end of a hypothetical second term, guarantees that for him Operating colleague He is likely to be the future president.

In an interview with Wall Street JournalShortly before the report on Biden's “memory lapses” was published (and published immediately after), she was asked whether, given concerns about the president's age, she should convince voters that she was ready to fill the role.“I'm ready, there's no doubt about that,” Harris, 59, replied.Adding that anyone who sees her at work is “fully aware of my leadership skills.” Already in the past the conservative newspaper wrote so “A vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala Harris,” which is the slogan of all Republicansincluding Trump's rivals such as Nikki Haley.

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Ma Disappointment with Harris is widespread And also among parliamentarians and donors to the Democratic Party, for some time. If Biden's popularity is about 40 percent, Harris' popularity is 38 percent. A year ago The New York Times A White House lawyer for Clinton and then Obama suggested that Biden should follow in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who in 1944 asked delegates to choose his running mate at the party convention. But every so often a dilemma arises in this debate: Removing Harris could offend some women and Black voters and hurt Biden More than it hurts to keep it in the “ticket”?

Only six months after taking office, the American press was already wondering what had gone wrong for Harris. The first reaction was to keep her out of the spotlight, but newspapers then wrote that she had “disappeared.” now An attempt is being made to restore his image, to help Biden deal with younger and more progressive black voters, with whom the president has problems (also because of Gaza), and so that the vice president herself can win the support of voters who will be decisive in choosing a presidential candidate. Democratic nomination in 2028 (a list in which she does not currently appear at the top). However, when she ran for the Democratic nomination against Biden in 2020, Harris was the target of the far left who called her a “cop” (they objected to her choices when she was California’s attorney general) and never wanted to fight back. For one question: Is he moderate or leftist?

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Now she is the White House spokeswoman on abortion, one of the issues where Democrats have an advantage over their rivals. Emily's List, an influential group supporting women in politics, has invested tens of millions of dollars to improve Harris' image, as well as improve her visibility because The organization's surveys show that he is completely unknown. A third of Democratic and independent voters do not know her personal history, her past as a prosecutor and senator, or what she did as Biden's running mate.