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Afghanistan, Kabir Haidari and his family are rescued in Sanremo. told the story of the former collaborator: "Thank you Italy"

Afghanistan, Kabir Haidari and his family are rescued in Sanremo. told the story of the former collaborator: “Thank you Italy”

The phone rings. It’s a Whatsapp call from Kabir HaidaryA ., an Afghan national and ex-employee Arena Camp, the Italian rule Herat, our unit headquarters during the NATO mission in Afghanistan. De Kabir, for ten years working both in the technical department and in the canteen until the flag-lowering ceremony on June 8, 2021 in the presence of the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo GueriniAnd He told the story in early October. The country of the Great Game was in the midst of the chaos caused by the return of the gods to power Taliban Coincided with the escape of the West. Contacts with him for the past three months have been going on, but when he opens the connection with his excellent Italian, he preaches the good news: “We are waiting for the flight to ItalyNow we are waiting for a call from the airport Istanbul Nearby Milan. The Italian Ministry of Defense got us out of this hell, but without you we would not have succeeded. Thanks, my friend”.

It is clear that the work of the Italian political and diplomatic authorities did not stop at the blitzkrieg in the second half of August and the rescue of hundreds of Afghan citizens who in the past twenty years cooperated at various levels with our country during the missions. eternal freedom e firm support. Many have taken to hiding in recent months to protect themselves and their families from it Settlement of accounts subordinate Students of the Holy Quran To those who helped “enemy invasion”. Kabir Heydari has done more: Sold the house and everything he owns He collects the money to hide, and takes with him his pregnant wife, two young daughters, his parents and a brother. It has been a dramatic month. Until that phone call last Wednesday to which a second Thursday was added, the most exciting thing was: “It went well. First, OK for the flight from Turkey to Milan, then the welcome at the airport and now military personnel have taken me and my whole family to one of their facilities. in a sanremo. Here we will spend the next ten days to respect Quarantine to fight covid, then we must send to the final destination which we are not yet informed. Wherever it will be fine for us, I can’t wait to be able to settle in and start a new lifeFind a job and imagine a different future for my family, in peace, away from that hell. We will never be grateful enough for Italy.”

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When the article was published in early October, Kabir was still around Pakistan, a PeshawarWith his wife, daughters and brother while his parents were still inside Acceptanceand guests of some relatives. Haidari, by Ilfattoquotidiano.itHe had addressed the Defense Ministry’s leadership directly by submitting an appeal and a rescue request. His passage to Pakistan in September made him temporarily safe, but his Pakistani visa would expire by the end of the year, at which point he would have only two options: remain in Pakistan in hiding, with all the risks involved, or go home.

But the real tragedy was completed in August, when he and his loved ones, at the request of Italian diplomatic officials, left Herat to draw a clear dividing line with the past. The goal was to board one of the planes that our unit provided for the evacuations. The next two weeks, from August 15th onwards, are staged around the world to show everyone how The historic defeat of NATO. In the midst of the chaos at Kabul International Airport, Kabir and his family were also there, unlike others, who were unable to board those flights. This is what Haidari A said About the busy days outside the airport of the Afghan capital: “They asked me on the phone to leave for Kabul, to bring the family and to be reassured, they would put us on a plane to leave for Italy. After Attack near the airport Calls stopped h no one answered. We were on the evacuation list, and Italy couldn’t abandon us like that.”

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Obviously, although time dictated a completely unstable framework, Italy did not abandon Kabir Heydari to its written fate. After the evacuation attempt failed in the first wave, the former collaborator of the Italian unit went to Pakistan. Had he done so a month later he would not have been able to because the border between the two countries was closed and visas were no longer issued, forcing the Afghans to make spectacular covert escapes. Try contacting the Italian embassy Islamabad And we waited for a decisive sign: “We separated from my parents, in Kabul and we are in Peshawar (the Pakistani city closest to the Afghan border, so) – adds Heydari – The only safe way to get them here was to buy them a plane ticket with the money from the house sale. Air fares are getting expensiveI spent over two thousand dollars. In the end we found ourselves together, hoping that the day would come when sooner or later we would be able to leave for Italy. In recent days that signal has arrived. The Ministry of Defense first sent the rest of my family to Italy and my wife and I left on Wednesday. Now we are all in Italy, very happy and happy.”