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Juventus Milan, the strange spin with the flavor of Scudetto |  News

Juventus Milan, the strange spin with the flavor of Scudetto | News

Tonight on the field, a fundamental challenge was organized for both teams despite the gap in the standings

You are NS Milan They face each other tonight on the court in a challenge that could taste like a scudetto, but the arrangement at hand, is actually a spin. If the Bianconeri return from the defeat in Napoli, but in decent spirits after Malmo’s good performance in the Champions League, the Rossoneri are looking to everything after the apparent success against Lazio, even if the stoppage in Liverpool could be undermined. some certainty. Genesis chapter: Allegri has only the doubt of the Church, and Pioli instead has to deal with several absences.

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despite of cheerful Try to take the pressure off your shoulders, it is undeniable that Juventus desperately need to win to get close to the top spots, even if we are only at the start of the season. A draw, or even worse a loss, would drop Juventus to at least ten points from the top. Huh that would have a taste of surrender.

The good news for the Tuscan coach is that he will have almost the entire squad. starting from a church, who returned to the team after the forced stoppage in Naples and Sweden. It is essential to understand who will play in defence, with Bonucci being the favorite, and then there is a ballot between Chiellini and de Ligt. Even in attack, among the possibilities, there is the possibility of raising Cuadrado or using the wildcard again Kulusevsky, who did not lose all his chances at the start. In the goal, no doubt: keep going ChisneyWho gave himself up in the Champions League after the mistakes that occurred between Udine and Napoli and who now wants to turn the page in the league as well.

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Despite the extra eight points, Milan arrived in Turin without feeling favourite. And not just because there won’t be either Ibrahimovic, He is Jerrod. The Rossoneri came from the defeat to Liverpool with more flexibility and a determination to grow. However, Pioli knows that Juventus can emerge from the crisis at any time. He appreciates Allegri and knows that Milan will have to play a great match. To defeat the Bianconeri. Maybe it’s the same as it was a few months ago, when they beat Pirlo’s former team 3-0. Improvement and growth are the keywords and the premiere of a ferocious demon that the Reds haven’t weakened can actually happen on the field. Also because there is an immediate response to bypassInter.